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  1. Elius

    Fandom Supergiant's Hades

    Still looking!
  2. Elius

    Fandom Supergiant's Hades

    Hello, my name's Eli. I'm 23, he/him. I'm looking to write Supergiant's Hades. I have a large preference for staying in the Hades universe, but canon divergence or AUs within the universe (such as hanahaki, soulmates, etc.) would be fine with me. I'm fine with any ships, as long as it's canon x...
  3. Elius

    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hey there. Just call me Eli, I'm 23 and use he/him pronouns. I've roleplayed for a long time now, over 10 years in fact. I'm sure I've been on this site before, but it's a blur. It's cool seeing how things have changed and I hope to make some good friends here. Thanks for having me.