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  1. rippersprincess

    Fantasy Craving a new rp idea I had

    I’m specifically looking for 1x1 roleplay(NO DOUBLE UPS PLS!!) I’m really craving some mxf at the moment, me as f The plot idea is this: A world that is on the brink of extinction is brought back to the brink by my character, the builder. Your character will be a friend who accompanies my...
  2. rippersprincess

    Fandom Detroit: Become Human rp

    Hello everyone! I’m rippersprincess, and I’ve been roleplaying for the past 10 ish years :) Lately I’ve gotten back into my favorite game and I’d love to rp Connor’s story! If not, I do have a couple OCs! I specifically wanted to do mxm or mxf, since fxf kinda makes me uncomfy. I’m mainly...