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  1. Ishuni

    Fandom Rising Like a Phoenix

    Vile had hardly payed attention to the conversation in general and he was a bit confused when people had started to introduce themselves. He didn’t really want to partake in it so he just sat back and stayed quiet. He hated having to speak up in front of a group of people, he’d rather do it one...
  2. Ishuni

    Fandom Rising Like a Phoenix

    Vile Jones.. who knew such a nervous soft spoken male would be invited to a school. He hated school of course but considering it was for good purposes he decided to accept the offer of getting in. He was standing by a tree as he played with some of the animals. “What cute animals.“ He said ever...
  3. Ishuni

    Fandom Phoenix Academy Common Room

    My apologies for being dead to this! I totally have forgotten to watch the thread but I’ll get my first reply in soon after I’m done reading everyone else’s!
  4. Ishuni

    Multiple Settings A fairly somewhat wonderful search.

    Ok! Just pm me <3
  5. Ishuni

    Fandom Ohshc rp! (looking for oc x Canon)

    I’d be interested in doing this with you^^!
  6. Ishuni

    Music What Are You Listening to Right Now?

    Everlong by the foo fighters.
  7. Ishuni

    Fandom Phonix Academy Enrolment

    Name:Vile Jones Appearance: (He’s about like 5’4-5’5) Gender: Male (Trans) Age: 19 1/2 Costume: Hero Name: Bobo Personality: Nervous, Outgoing, not that loud, Kind, Super loving towards animals. Background: Vile grew up in a super dark time where his parents were...
  8. Ishuni

    Multiple Settings Interest Check?

    Hi! I’d love to do a OcxOc rp with you :0) I have a few plot ideas if you’d like me to send some! :D
  9. Ishuni

    Realistic or Modern House of Cards: The Reunion

    Hi! Okay so, is it alright if my character is AFAB? :) But then isn’t female anymore?
  10. Ishuni

    Multiple Settings ☆Heyo! Looking for a partner!☆

    Hi! I’d love to rp with you, if you’d like i was kinda thinking maybe we can do a OcxOc but with the fnaf plot in a way? :0)
  11. Ishuni

    Fandom University for the Quirk Challenged

    I‘d love to do this! My favorite color is soft sage green :0)
  12. Ishuni

    Multiple Settings A fairly somewhat wonderful search.

    Yeah ofc! That sounds like it’d be super fun! :0)
  13. Ishuni

    Multiple Settings A fairly somewhat wonderful search.

    Also, I’m in some fandoms so If your curious just ask me :0)
  14. Ishuni

    Multiple Settings A fairly somewhat wonderful search.

    Character name and extra info are there, feel free to change whatever. A fairly somewhat wonderful search. Open Pairings: MxM, FxF. (Willing to maybe do MxF) :0) Location: deep within a cave. Interactions: only with plants. FILLER "Cause boys don’t cry." Here is where the actual IC post...
  15. Ishuni

    Multiple Settings Craving some yandere

    I’d love to do this with you :)