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  1. lunarflowers

    Fantasy Return of the Druids [CS]

    Make your own character sheet here! Feel free to use your own format. .-- Main font --> -- Image -- Gwydion Stoneflick -- Text -- "Don't ask me why I'm the only guy allowed to live here. I didn't make the rules; the that would have been my gran, Rose. I'm just here to look after the...
  2. lunarflowers

    Fantasy Your Studio Ghibli-inspired witchy wonderland has just landed!

    Check out my new roleplay, Return of the Druids! It's time to get immersed in Druid Isle, an island specifically for witches. You are a) A rebellious young lady who dodged boarding school and is now mastering the arcane arts or b) A resident of Druid Isle (any gender or race) that likely knows...
  3. lunarflowers

    Fantasy Return of the Druids [OOC & FAQ]

    -- Font -->Click Potions -- Tabs -- -- Shelf ---- Actual Tabs -- -- Tab 1 -- -- Potions ---- Cauldron -- -- Text -- Animal familiars? Wands? Staffs? Unspecified forms of magic? All allowed. Make this story your own! -- Tab 2 -- -- Potions ---- Cauldron -- -- Text -- Rules of this land...
  4. lunarflowers

    Fantasy [Open/Accepting] Return of the Druids [Welcome to a Miyazaki-inspired witchy wonderland!]

    . -- Slide 1 -- {slide=center | -- Triangle Left ---- Triangle Right ---- Ribbon --Return of the Druids}-- Shadow ---- Text -- When your parental guardians packed you away in an old stagecoach, you were miffed. You thought you were going on an introverted trip to Victoria's School for Wayward...
  5. lunarflowers

    Fantasy [Closed] Need to write about wolves or strong Nordic women? Keen to publish your own book? You're not alone.

    Hello good people of RPN. I hope the sun is shining where you are, and that your focused creativity is getting you through lockdown. My name is lunarflowers, which was inspired from Wolf's Rain end-message. I may be considered an "experienced writer" by some, but that has never been my objective...
  6. lunarflowers

    Multiple Settings Creative writers who go with the flow.

    Let's go with the flow... Greetings all. I'm Lunar. While I'm not new to the world of roleplay, I've come here to practice my creative writing in preparation for some writing projects of mine. I want to get the creative juices flowing. I'm 20s-30s and would prefer to write with someone in that...