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  1. Komachi

    Digital ♪☆ Komachi’s art dump!

    welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay! Have some tea! 🍵
  2. Komachi

    TPBM forum game!

    So basically- how to play: player 1: TPBM likes dogs player2: True! TPBM WATCHES ONE PIECE and so on. TPBM= The person beneath me
  3. Komachi

    Fandom 🍷 🤍PARAMORE HUNTS🤍🍷

    Hello! I’m Paramore. RULES: 1. AT LEAST ONE PARAGRAPH 2.HAVE FUN! what type of fandom I like? Here is a list! My hero academia - I like doing a few ships! Such as Kiribaku, izuOcha, Momojirou and maybe Toga and…. Someone? At the moment, I don’t have any ideas for plots so any ideas would...
  4. Komachi

    Fantasy [Aiko high ]

    About: this is a Japanese boarding high school, where students all the way from Australia to America come over here to learn one thing: Hownto get their spirit animal. When you reach the age of 8, your spirit animal starts to show itself! Depending on how well you can harness your spirit animal...
  5. Komachi

    Story 『Queen Hazel 』

    author’s note: hello! I really enjoy animal POV stories! this one is about a dog! ___________________________________________________|♪ Queen Hazel “Hey, wake up, my Queenie! Time for our tea!” shouted Kai. I groaned. What a terrible nickname for an elegant labrador! One who ate proper food...
  6. Komachi

    Answered how do you become a moderator?

    I just want to know,
  7. Komachi

    Answered Can you search in this forum?

    If so, where?
  8. Komachi

    Fandom Looking for Roleplay

    Hello! So here are things I like to roleplay: Warrior cats (favourite) humans any animals books- School for good and evil movies/tv shows- Harry Potter, My little pony etc. spy x family komi can’t communicate my hero academia A whisker away words bubble up like soda pop I mostly do fxm but I...
  9. Komachi

    Answered ♡A little question! ♡

    I really want to change my ‘about me’ section. How do I do that?