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  1. CookieCrim

    Fandom Obey Me roleplay? Anyone?

    Hi hi, name's Jade! As the title suggests in really just looking for anyone interested in an Obey Me roleplay (am totally obsessed rn) I'm a semi-lit writer myself, but I'm not picky about reply lengths. I'll roleplay with literally anyone tbh I typically like to use my MC, but I'm okay with...
  2. CookieCrim

    Chitchat Would anyone be willing to chat with me?

    Hey. I'm having a really tough time atm and I haven't really got any friends to talk to, so I'm just looking to chat with someone to make me feel less alone. I doubt anyone will want to be my friend as no one has ever genuinely wanted to be my friend brfore, but even if I could just have one...
  3. CookieCrim

    Other Got a story idea that I'm dying to write but just need some help developing it

    Hey! As the title says, I recently thought up a really good story idea but I'm still recovering from writer's block so I'm hoping by posting this thread I can get some small ideas that can get me going with developing it! The basic plot is that there's a girl named Melody and she's the sister...
  4. CookieCrim

    Chitchat Would anyone like to chat?

    I'm feeling pretty lonely at the moment and just looking to chat with someone. if you want to chat also then just pm me
  5. CookieCrim

    Video Games Anyone here like Twisted Wonderland and would maybe like to be friends?

    So I have this condition where I get really obsessed with the one thing and for that reason I find it extremely hard to make friends and that's why I never have anyone to talk to. Right now, my obsession is Twisted Wonderland so I'm looking for someone who's into it too so I can talk about it...
  6. CookieCrim

    Fandom Anyone interested in doing a Genshin Impact roleplay with me?

    So I've gotten really into Genshin Impact recently and I'd like to give role-playing it a go! I've never roleplayed this befote, so I may not too good at portraying some of the canon characters I usually tend to do OC x Canon but I'm cool with doing Canon x Canon also! I do double up too! I'm...
  7. CookieCrim

    Fandom Looking for partners (Doubles welcome!)

    Hey there! I have some fandoms that I'm dying to roleplay and I currently don't have any roleplays to do since I keep getting ghosted sadly!! I don't expect much in a partner, but one thing I hate is when people just stop replying without any reason. If you no longer want to do the roleplay...
  8. CookieCrim

    Video Games Anyone here like Twisted Wonderland?

    Hi there! I've recently fallen in love with the game Twisted Wonderland and I'd love to have a friend (or friends if I'm lucky!) who like it also and would like to talk with me about it! so if you're also a fan of it and would like to be friends with me then please reply to this thread or pm me!
  9. CookieCrim

    Fandom Looking for a Twisted Wonderland roleplay (Always open) (Doubles welcome)

    Since my last search thread was unsuccessful, I decided to make a new one. I'm looking for a Twisted Wonderland roleplay and I'm really hoping to find one!! I preferably like to do canon x canon, but I'm one to doing oc x Canon also and will double up. I can play pretty much any character, but...
  10. CookieCrim

    Other Got a writing question about astory I'm writing

    Hey there! I've recently started trying to write a mafia related story, Hi him having a small issue with it. The story plot is basically a very important person has been murdered and the authorities suspect that it's one of the seven local gangs that did it, so they get two agents to go...
  11. CookieCrim

    Fandom Twisted Wonderland (Crossover roleplay with any fandom or canon roleplay)

    Hey there! I've been craving a Twisted Wonderland roleplay lately, but since my last thread wasn't very successful in getting me one I decided it would be best to do a crossover instead. I am however still looking for a Twisted Wonderland canon roleplay, so we can discuss that also if you want...
  12. CookieCrim

    Fandom Craving A Twisted Wonderland Roleplay, Anyone Interested?

    Hi there! I've started getting into Twisted Wonderland and I'd love to do a roleplay on it with someone! I can try play pretty much any character and will be accepting OCs! I don't have much in mind for a plot, but I'm open to discussing one. I'm also down for any AUs you might wanna do! If...
  13. CookieCrim

    Chitchat Could really use someone to talk to....

    Hey...I'm having the worst day possible and feeling so low right now so I could really use someone to talk to who will listen to me.... I doubt anyone will as no one usually does, but if you will then please pm me....
  14. CookieCrim

    Fandom Sammy's Fandom Search! (Doubles welcome!)

    Hi there! I'm looking to roleplay some fandoms that I've been craving lately! I don't expect much in a partner as I'll roleplay with pretty much anyone, but I'm not too great at long responses and the can only do 4 paragraphs at most beginnings, so sorry in advance if my beginnings are awful...
  15. CookieCrim

    Other Looking for some help in developing my story idea!

    Hi there! I have a story idea that I really wanna make into a proper story but I'm having really bad writer's block atm so I'm looking for some help! Basically I have a character who's a teenage detective. He loves with his 6 brothers and his girlfriend who try to help him with cases. And I...
  16. CookieCrim

    Anime & Manga Anyone here like Death Note?

    Hi there, due to the outage my last thread that was exactly like this one got deleted so I'm remaking it! I'm obsessed with Death Note and would love to have some friends who like it too! So if you also like it and wanna be friends then just reply to this thread or shoot me a pm! Also if you...
  17. CookieCrim

    Chitchat Looking for a friend

    Hey, I'm Sammy and I'm having a really hard time atm. I don't really have friends talk to cause I'm weird and my family hate me so they never talk to me.....I honestly just feel like the loneliest person in the world and would give anything to have a friend to talk to I doubt anyone will want...
  18. CookieCrim

    Fandom Death Note RP Anyone?

    Hey there, my name is Sammy and I've been craving a Death Note roleplay latley. I'm not yet finished the series, but I'm familiar with the characters by now and really wanna roleplay it with someone. My main ships are Misa x Light (really wanna do this one with me as Misa) and L x Light, but...
  19. CookieCrim

    Fandom Looking for a roleplay partner (Fandom Search) (OCs & Doubles Wrlcome)

    Hey there! I'm looking for someone to start a roleplay with, I don't expect much in an ideal partner as I will roleplay with pretty much anyone. Here are the fandom I'm in, canon ships and OC pairings (Those in good are my ideal roles) Death Note (craving! Canon ships: Misa x Light (craving!!)...
  20. CookieCrim

    Chitchat Looking for someone to chat with

    Hey, I'm having a pretty bad day and am really lonely, so I'd like someone to chat with. If you want to chat then pm me