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  1. Misuteeku

    Fantasy Fire Emblem Divide: Pandora x Quetzal

    Pandora x Quetzal Time: Before Chapter 1 Location: Alliance of Fire Barracks. Support Level: C Link to Group Roleplay: @DoctorDiggles
  2. Misuteeku


    Name: Ava Age: 16 Gender Female  Appearance (Picture and/or description) Uncloaked Cloaked Brand located on her left elbow. Personality: Ava is a modest, and understanding girl, who often has a love for animals. Being born in noble blood, but live in a common...
  3. Misuteeku

    Tomoe Toki

    Appearance(Anime only please): Name: Tomoe Toki Nickname: Quiet Flower Bio: Studying to be a doctor was no easy task for a girl with family issues. Her father side was all about, work, work, work, and constant arguing with the mother, while the mother side was a money hog. With the...
  4. Misuteeku


    NAME:  Roland AGE:  16 GENDER:  Male APPEARANCE:  HEIGHT:  69 in WEIGHT:  132 Lbs ALIGNMENT: (choose an alignment below, then explain why) Valken Born, Neutral CLASS: Treasure Seeker (Lvl 5) PRIMARY STAT Speed WEAPON PROFICIENCY Magic:E...
  5. Misuteeku

    Star Scout Gemini

    ۞ Star Scout Contract ۞ Name: Sakura Omi Age: 15 Gender: Female Sexuality: Asexual Birthday: May/29 Appearance: Hair: Pink (Dyed) Eyes: Dark Brown Height: 4'8 Ft Nationality:  Japan School Club: Astronomy Club Personality: Sakura is shy when you first see...
  6. Misuteeku

    Hoa Tu

    Name: Hoa Tu Godly Parent: Asclepius Age: 14 Gender:  Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Personality: Hoa is timid, and shy to everyone around her, and the people she is use to talking to. She seeks peace instead of violence, in which she shies away form when...
  7. Misuteeku

    Fire Emblem Fates

    I'm looking for a partner to roleplay Fire Emblem Fates. And we will be playing an extra set of Royal sibling characters. We'll design their backstory with various supports like what they do in Fates, and have some scenes like the Takumi, and Leo one.  Be Warned that I will be setting up what...
  8. Misuteeku

    Swana Akame

    Name:Swana Akame Age:18 Personality: Swana is a really cheerful, and enthusiastic who often weird people out with her unnatural reactions. She has the tendency to act out of habit, and become random at time, since she might as well be energized. That being said Swana is that type of...
  9. Misuteeku

    Arietta Stone

    Name:Arietta Stone Apparent age:24 Gender:Female Race:Artificial Immortal Personality:Arietta is a insecure individual who doesn't know what to really do, except to follow orders. With that she cannot take serious on what to do in situation when there is a situation that wouldn't...
  10. Misuteeku

    Aina Hasekura/Hasekura Aina

    Personal Information Name: (First) Aina, (Last) Hasekura Age:16  Sex:Female Date of Birth:1/1 Grade Level:Second Appearance:  Personality: Combat Information[/b] Main Arcana:Hermit Compatible Arcana:Strength, Hanged Man HP/SP: HP:135 SP:55 Mask:Asian...