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  1. halesupremacy

    Fandom Burning Flames (Teen Wolf)

    bump. looking for either a scott x stiles or Derek x stiles roleplay now. (I’m playing Stiles.)
  2. halesupremacy

    Fandom RP Partner

    hello! do you roleplay canon characters in teen wolf?
  3. halesupremacy

    Other Introduce Yourself!

    hey, new to site! ahhh, a new place!
  4. halesupremacy

    Fandom  Burning Flames (Teen Wolf)

    hey hey! im looking for a platonic roleplay partner! i want someone who will play, Derek, Scott, Stiles, or Issac! i have a couple different plots in mind! i will be using my oc, Xavier Hale and I will give you details about him! he also has a backstory! feel free to message me privately or on...