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  1. apollos

    Fandom “ and apollo wept for Icarus . . . ” [ FANDOM CHECK ! ]

    bump ! I ramble a LOT don't I? But I'm craving KNY or tgcf !! Mostly for KNY looking for soft modern plots but i am fine with anything!
  2. apollos

    Fandom  “ and apollo wept for Icarus . . . ” [ FANDOM CHECK ! ]

    Hello ! Call me Apollo if you will. Only a nickname ‘cause I love all Greek mythology and Apollo happens to be my favorite! Welcome to my interest check! I am currently eighteen years old, living in Texas, and work a weirdo pizza job. This isn’t my first time on RPNation but unfortunately I...
  3. apollos

    Other Introduce Yourself!

    hello!! it’s so wonderful to meet you all !