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    Fandom  In The Echoes

    "It is as destiny as foretold. When they have been collected, when they have been tested, they will find their paths. They will be brought together by the threads of fate. The question is, what will they do when the time comes when decisions would dictate where the world will go? So come...
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    Fandom  In the Echoes [CS]

    Character Sheet Basics Name: Age: Sex/Gender: Appearance: Country of Origin: Affiliation: Vision: Main Weapon: Story [How did you receive your vision]: Personality: History: Voicelines Introduction: Hobby: Interesting Things: Favorite Food: Least Favorite Food: Favorite Time...
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    Fandom  In the Echoes [OOC]

    Hey hey guys, this is the OOC! I'll be making announcements and discussions here for yall!
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    Fandom  In The Echoes [Genshin Impact RP]

    :> :< In the EchoesIt has been over two thousand years since the world had descended in an all out war with powerful gods battling each other to hold dominion over a certain element. When the Seven Archons had taken their rightful positions, the world had been ushered into relative peace...
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    Realistic or Modern  Blackhaven Premiere

    Episode 1: The Anniversary February 14. The actions of Michael Etchells had forever marked the date as a solemn day for the entire town of Blackhaven with the loss of eight lives and the hospitalization of many more. But the town had moved on and so did everyone else. The students had...
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    Realistic or Modern  Blackhaven Character Sheets

    CS Template: Name: Nickname(s): Age: Gender: Occupation: Eye Color: Hair Color: Height | Weight: Talents: Personality: Likes: Dislikes: Biography: Reputation: [How does the general public view you now? | Especially if your character has stayed in the acting scene] Secret(s): [What...
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    Realistic or Modern  Blackhaven

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    Realistic or Modern  The World Beyond OOC

    For all the chatting needs but a discord is greatly appreciated but for those who do not wish to use it, then feel free to use this thread
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    Realistic or Modern  The World Beyond Character Sheets

    Derian Name: Derian Age: Derian Race: Role: Derian Appearance: [May be realistic art for reference picture, and descriptions are allowed] ~~~~~~~ Earth Name: Earth Age: (15-18) Earth Appearance: [Anime for reference pictures, and descriptions are allowed] Gender: Sexuality: ~~~~~~~...
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    Multiple Settings  The World Beyond

    THE WORLD BEYOND PLOT The world of Deria has been plunged in an time of chaos - fifty years under the assault of a mysterious woman who had appeared from seemingly nowhere. She was dubbed 'The Scourge'. After allying herself with the creatures of the dark and rallying them to her rule, the...
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    Fandom  The Dueling League

    Third year in Hogwarts did not start off pretty. What with Dementors scouring the Hogwarts Express - sucking the living joy out of everyone - and then the announcement that Sirius Black had escaped from Azkaban, well, there wasn't really many things to be happy about. Thankfully, however, once...
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    Knox Pylamore - The Specter

    Greetings, my name is Knox Pylamore. Most people call me Knox, however, and you are free to do so as well. Alternatively, I've been dubbed "The Specter" by my peers, so that may work as well. I am not sure about my exact age. I would guess around... hm... thirty two? I am male. I am an...
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    Azura Nebula

    Hi there! My name is: Azura Nebula I am: seventeen years old... w-what do you mean I don't look like it? If you can't tell what I am, I am: female... isn't it obvious? I am a: Faunus - a feline faunus... um, a leopard to be exact My orientation is: asexual, actually... I am about: 5'1... I know...
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    Hansel Kaiser | Security Guard | Dog Handler

      "These experiments mean nothing to me. A job is a job - that's all there is to it."   [full name] Hansel Kaiser Junior  [age] 35 [gender] Male [kin] Hansel Kaiser Senior [father] - Alive Elsabeth Kaiser [mother] - Alive [position] Security Guard...
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    Yuuji Ajusaki | Patient | Serial Killer

    "You would be surprised how many times a human can scream before they die." [name] Yuuji Ajusaki [age] 28 [gender] Male [kin] Rikuo Ajusaki [father] - deceased Sola Ajusaki [mother] - alive Riko Ajusaki [auntie] - alive Yuuto Ajusaki [twin brother] - missing...
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    The Electric Princess - Himeko

    Himeko Kaminari   "How electrifying."     Age:  18 Height: 5'7 "I am nothing with my masks. Nothing without my lies." Personality: One could say that Himeko is a caring person. Another could say that she is cool. Another could say she is...
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    Erika Razowski

    Name: Erika Razowski Age: 19 Weapon(s) with you: Metal Baseball Bat Machete (sheathed at her back) Equipment: Rations (Food and Water) A flashlight and extra batteries   Brief Bio: Erika was the daughter to a professional baseball player, Mike Razowski and a...
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    Razor the Radioman

    Razor Kellog     Full Name:  Razor "Mr. Tech." Kellog   Age:  24   Gender:  Male   Race:  - Unknown - Presumed to be of Asian and Caucasian descent   Height:  5'11"   Weight:  175 lbs [more muscle than fat...
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    The Artistic Hunter - Aldwyn

    ALDWYN PIERCE (The Bane of Mermaids) The Artistic Hunter Age: 17 Gender: Male Species: Human If Human, Hunter: Yes Appearance: Aldwyn, much like his siblings, has dirty blond hair. Being nearsighted, he opted to wear contacts instead of...
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    Damian Westerian

    Name: Damian Westerian Age: 18 Sexuality: Heterodemisexual Godly Parent: Claimed - Boreas Personality:  Damian is a straightforward person. What you see is what you get. He hides no secrets, and withholds no information. He is very honest, too honest, and comes off as a little...