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  1. Teal

    Realistic or Modern  Magical Teacher Professor Landry! - OoC/Announcement Thread

    Decided to create an official OoC thread. This will likely be filled by NPC bios and the like, and used as a record. Still, players are free to chat here, if they want. Speaking of! Introducing! Audhildr Warin Status: Sophmore Aura: Clear - the taste of cold and empty air. A second year...
  2. Teal

    Realistic or Modern  Magical Teacher Professor Landry! - Amid the Ghost Blossoms

    Pale buds began to pop up throughout the campus – from stone and dead wood as readily as soil. As the day wore on, they slowly unfurled – soft white radiance leaking from their delicate petals, growing stronger as the darkened. Soon, stray petals began to scatter through the night air – bore on...
  3. Teal

    Realistic or Modern  Magical Teacher Professor Landry! - Character Creation (Here Be Text)

    Let's see. Tagging... @Elenion Aura, @NickTonCutter, @Arhra, @Maxiom, @iannesh, @Steel Shadow. Also @Girasol because I know her handle here and she's into it. Hope you like reading. Character sheets come after setting information. You may ask any questions you have in this thread as well...
  4. Teal

    Realistic or Modern  Magical Teacher Professor Landry! - A Supernatural University RP

    Magical Teacher Professor Landry! - Imagine the Magic School Bus, but in University, and also without a bus. Now, replace Ms. Frizzle with Rebecca Landry - an auburn-haired lab-coated love-freak, who has a degree drawn in crayon that certifies her as a Professor of "Love and Fightiology."...
  5. Teal

    Cold Nights (Exalted 2.5e) - Einarr Magnuson

    Related Threads Character Sheets/Set-Up - Astrid's Quest (Active) - * * * White Sea (Haslanti League) - 23rd Day of...
  6. Teal

    Cold Nights (Exalted 2.5e)

    @Teal, please edit this post to include any OOC information.
  7. Teal

    Cold Nights (Exalted 2.5e) - Character Creation

    This an experimental Heroic Mortal game for Exalted (based loosely on 2.5e, but its intended to be freeform), set in the Haslanti League. There's supplemental information about the League after the character template - please read it and the section on the League in the Compass of Terrestrial...
  8. Teal

    Fantasy  Cold Nights (Exalted 2.5e) - Astrid Mustonen

    Diamond Hearth (Haslanti League) - 23rd Day of Resplendent Fire Soaring thousands of feet in the air, walls of shear ice enclosed the patch of green that was the City State of Diamond Hearth. Meltwater flowed constantly down the glacier’s sides, spilling into in a network of frigid and slow...
  9. Teal

    Randulf Selanmere

    Alright, first character profile submission to this site. Grey helped a lot with the concept. Stats aren't included, at Grey's suggestion. I'm not quite sure what his relationship with the Crown Prince is like, so I've left that ambiguous. I think the Prince's name is Rickhardt, though I'm...
  10. Teal

    [Moonrise] Discussion Thread

    Obligatory discussion thread is obligatory. Ask questions if you have them! I shall answer.
  11. Teal

    [Moonrise] From Gateway, with Love

    ((This thread reflects the BETA version of a particular character who has yet to be revised to meet current rules. The content is not quite where I'd like it to be, but in the interests of hurrying through this, I'm not going to rewrite the entirety of the scenes.)) The dark-haired sculptor...
  12. Teal

    [Moonrise] Raksha

    The Raksha are an extremely hard to understand element of Exalted. My intrepretation - and it is just that - draws heavily from Ink Monkey's Blog, as well as a broader fantasy background. Try to keep this in mind while reading this. The Rakish Condition: Living stories and creatures of legend...
  13. Teal

    [Moonrise] Terrestrials

    Something happened to the Terrestrials on the night of the Usurpation - something the Sidereals did not expect. They began to draw power from their individual exceptionalism - a fact eerily reminiscent of the God Kings they would cast down. As the years went on, and the blood of the Terrestrials...
  14. Teal

    [Moonrise] Sidereals

    Alone among the Exalted, the Sidereals have managed to maintain a nearly unbroken civilization from the Age of Dreams. The Heroes of the Stars exist as aristocracy in Yu-Shan - and are afforded great latitude by their Incarnae patrons. While some live in opulence, most still oversee Creation...
  15. Teal

    [Moonrise] Lunars

    Exalted by love and chaos, the inhuman Lunars were the mates of the Mad God Kings of the First Age - and could be counted among their betrayers and loyalists both. In the thousand years since the Usurpation, the Lunars have served as the protectors and allies of Creation - at times from the...
  16. Teal

    [Moonrise] General Rules

    After consultations with my players, I've decided to kick the rulebook to the curve and make it freeform. Wish me luck! You may assume that this game will be entirely freeform, and will seek to emulate the human condition as much as possible in writing. Bleeding, for instance, will very much...
  17. Teal

    [Moonrise] Character Creation!

    After speaking to my remaining players, I put some effort into rehabilitating Character Generation - and decided to throw out the rulebook. Game'll be run on a freeform basis entirely. I'm sure we'll have a wonderful time! Main thing to be noted here is that character generation has been...
  18. Teal

    [Moonrise] Solars

    Radiant and shining, the Solar Exalted are the Exalted of the Unconquered Sun. Once the Mad God Kings of the First Age, their long captivity in the Jade Prison has ended and they return to Creation, bearing the entwined powers of perfection and oblivion - the Sun and the Void - once more. Shall...
  19. Teal

    Moonrise [Exalted 2.5e] (Privately Recruited, Sign-Ups Closed)

    Afternoon, RPdom. Posting a thread as per the rules (step 1!) for requesting a forum to run an RP in on this site. As the title indicates, I've completed recruitment privately and have seven committed players, which is all I'm comfortable with right now. Might change in the future, of course...
  20. Teal

    Introduction thread! Yo.

    Yo. Looks like I’m new here. Well, kinda. I actually joined this site a few months back, but kept putting off making this introduction thread – and doing anything else on the site, for that matter. This place’s more than a little intimidating, I fear. Anyway, you all can call me Teal. I’ve...