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  1. Lazaro1505

    Fandom Persona 5

    Hmm, interesting. Is there perhaps room for another individual to throw their hat into the ring?
  2. Lazaro1505

    Fandom Freedom of Mobius (OOC)

    Eventually, I feel as if Osiron would just get tired of acting as if he is just a rather quiet and ‘friendly’ robot, and so, when no one else is looking, he would just up and go do this to some random baddie:
  3. Lazaro1505

    Fandom Freedom of Mobius (OOC)

    As stated earlier, Osiron might either just forgo disguises entirely and he sneaking around somewhere or disguise himself as a waiter Badnik. Of course, if he sees Robotnik and a chance to slam him over a table, he would happily do so.
  4. Lazaro1505

    Fandom Freedom of Mobius (OOC)

    Luckily or not for Osiron, considering he is a robot with only eyes… he’ll be pretty good at hiding his emotions. Internally however, he is screaming in morse code
  5. Lazaro1505

    Fandom Freedom of Mobius (OOC)

    Waiter Osiron would actually be quite funny. You just see him trying to sneak into other areas, but due to being considered a Badnik, he always has to walk up to someone when called and serve them their drinks, which would probably agitate him more
  6. Lazaro1505

    Fandom Freedom of Mobius (OOC)

    I return from the realm of the damned… and also, Osiron would probably be slamming his head against the wall as his allies are quite literally doing pranks in the middle of a stealth mission of all things, but can’t do anything about it considering he wants to attempt at maintaining cover (he...
  7. Lazaro1505

    Fantasy Darkest Depths - Fantasy Villain Nation Builder

    Like with the chap above, if there is any room left, mind if this skele Boi throws their hat into the ring to join in the madness?
  8. Lazaro1505

    Fandom Fire Emblem: From Dawn to Dusk

    Hmm, this seems rather interesting. Mind if another individual throws their hat into the ring?
  9. Lazaro1505

    Fandom Freedom of Mobius (IC RP)

    OS-001, Osiron Interactions: @SheepKing @Mayali @Ransokyos @wigi Location: Knothole —> Wood Zone Osiron had really hoped that his current presentation was enough to remove the caution of the newcomers with his presence (that and hopefully would save him having to explain things to a high...
  10. Lazaro1505

    Fantasy Archivists of Avida (Closed)

    Well, the only proper way of having a good ole cup of stress, is by witnessing the suffering of not only yourself but others as well. Plus, on the Stress train, the ride never ends
  11. Lazaro1505

    Fantasy Archivists of Avida (Closed)

    Well, this is certainly interesting premise. May as well join in the madness and throw my hat into the ring.
  12. Lazaro1505

    Fandom Freedom of Mobius (OOC)

    Yeah, I had been honestly waiting for ya to make a post. So much has gone by and uh, didn’t want to leave ya in the dust
  13. Lazaro1505

    Fandom Freedom of Mobius (OOC)

    Sorry for the lack of posts from my end… can’t make one today, but I’ll make sure to make a post tomorrow
  14. Lazaro1505

    Fandom Power Rangers Extinction

    The Black Hand Episode 4: The Deep Dark Forest [Main post information shall come soon] Energy: 0 Artifacts: -Helmet + Chest-plate of the Ender -Crown of Time -Strange Rock -Kimberly’s gymnastic shoes Actions: 1. Aid in construction efforts within town (such as either making new buildings...
  15. Lazaro1505

    Fandom Freedom of Mobius (IC RP)

    OS-001, Osiron Interactions: @SheepKing (Amy) @Ransokyos (Sally) @Mayali (Tails) Location: Approaching Knothole Village Among the many different sights within the Wood Zone with its large and seemingly endless forest of trees… there was a peculiar sight that was walking on the forest ground...
  16. Lazaro1505

    Fandom Pokemon Delta (A Pokemon CS)

    Basic Info; Name: Abelgard Müller Nickname(s): Abel, Mull Gender: Male Pronouns: He/him Sexuality: Demisexual Age: 23 Trainer Class: Field Scientist Home Region: Unova Personal; High Concept: A rather sleepy (but also stealthy) scientist working out on the field who often helps others out after...
  17. Lazaro1505

    Fandom Pokemon Delta (A Pokemon OOC)

    Sorry for being rather late with the character sheet, was busy the entire day, but I’ll get it up soon, just need to finish the personality and backstory of my lad
  18. Lazaro1505

    Fandom Freedom of Mobius (OOC)

    It’s all fine if you went ahead to change a couple of features on Osiron. In fact, I’m curious as to see what changes you would like to implement to the design of the Badnik lad
  19. Lazaro1505

    Fandom Freedom of Mobius (Characters)

    Canon or OC: OC Name: OS-001 “Overseer Series prototype”, also known as ‘Osiron’ Age: Has been operating for a total of 9 years Gender: None as per being a robot, although Osiron refers to himself as Male Zone of Origin: Egg Base Pi (located within West Side Island) Appearance: Backstory...
  20. Lazaro1505

    Fandom Freedom of Mobius (Sonic the Hedgehog RP)

    (Do note the late reply from my end), but nice. I might make my own lad could be along the lines of either a Overseer like robot (their backstory could hint at them looking after one of Robotnik’s older and forgotten bases) or a robot hailing from the E-series, with their reasoning for defecting...