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  1. - winnie

    Video Games What was the most disappointing game you ever played?

    the most disappointing game i ever played was the latest installment of nancy drew!!! i've been a fan of nancy drew since i was a little girl and the hype around the new game was insane for a while. there was bragging of amazing voice acting, new and improved graphics, etc. i played it for...
  2. - winnie

    Anime & Manga Favorite Genre of Anime?

    my guilty pleasure is shoujo lmfao
  3. - winnie

    Other Are you left-handed, right-handed, ambidextrous, or cross-hand dominant?

    right handed! supposed people that are right-handed live longer???
  4. - winnie

    Other What RP sites did you use to roleplay in?

    i started roleplaying on Warrior Cats Forums! Basically like a forums group that started as a discussion for the novel series Warrior Cats [ started by the company itself ] and it slowly morphed into a roleplaying community! They shut down a while ago though ;-;
  5. - winnie

    Other What’s made you happy recently?

    i've been really hating my job lately, but i got a promotion!! i start tomorrow and i'm super excited <3