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  1. Lichen8404

    Fandom  The Office but its a department of nonhuman characters trying to convince each other they are human?

    Hear me out; take a perfectly decent sitcom and then slap a cheap Sexy Demon costume on there. Think of it like a... Competitor? Something of the sort. Could be fun? Rules: -please be 16-20 (I'm 17 if that helps) -No vampires (If you ask why I will dump a LOT on you about why they really...
  2. Lichen8404

    Multiple Settings  Many plots, head full,,

    Head so full of plot ideas,,, {Quick rule list: Must be under 25 (I am under 18), comfortable with darker topics, romance not a requirement. I WILL NOT rp with a vampire or neko/catgirl character. They make me uncomfy.} {I prefer M// plots! And I almost always play a male character} I have...
  3. Lichen8404

    Futuristic  Niche sci-fi interest check :)

    So I have this super niche oc; he's a werehyena of sorts created by a rift between cyberspace and the physical world (creature created by Jessjackdaw ) Yes, Pike is technically a dnd monster homebrew, but I won't be playing him with dice. The...
  4. Lichen8404

    Realistic or Modern  Patient 0 x Survivor (A Zombie Apocalypse MxAny Rp) CLOSED

    As someone under 18, I'm starting this off with an age requirement. 15-20. Now ! Onto the plot idea, which is rather dark and will include blood and gore. A classic zombie apocalypse strikes, leaving both characters believing they are the only ones left alive. One day, seeking supplies in...