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  1. Potatodude_12

    Fandom  Godzilla: all out attack

    This is a rp where you rp as a kaiju you main goal is to gain territory and make allies, intesne gaint monster battles and more! If oyu have an idea of waht kaiju you want please tell me! This is a pacfic rim x kaiju rp so you cna rp as a enourmous robot too!
  2. Potatodude_12

    Fandom  MNM rp

    ( acepted characters only^^)
  3. Potatodude_12

    Fandom  MNM lore!

    Titans There are multiple titans/ semi titans such as skull crawlers in the world but this map has major info in it, if you want a specfic kaiju please tell me (i hope everyone takes at least one kaiju^^ the max you can have are 2 so be careful!) Tooken titans: Godzilla @Potatodude_12...
  4. Potatodude_12

    Fandom  MNM ooc!

    plan plot, make memes, drama, ships, events and more! (if you have an event idea go ahead and tell me!)
  5. Potatodude_12

    Fandom  MNM cs!

    Human template Name: Age: sexuality: backstory: (3+ sentences) likes: dislikes: strengths: weaknesses: job: (scientist, solider, pilot etc.) height: weight: eye color: natural hair color: tattos,marks dyed hair?: After you are done ill assign you to a monarch post. (if you want to be a...
  6. Potatodude_12

    Fandom  Mother natures monsters (an high intense action rp)

    We are in a world Where we are destroying the earth and destroying mother natures creations, tearing down trees killing animials, having nuclear wars,destroying her planet. So she sent in her monsters to destroy our evil creations and sins. we call them titans. Monarch is here to save us abd...
  7. Potatodude_12

    Fandom  Companion ships

    Titans (available) Night-terror: available
  8. Potatodude_12

    Fandom  Titanfall lore

  9. Potatodude_12

    Fandom  Titanfall cs sheet

    Pilot sheet (if you want to be a pilot) Name: Gender: Species: (robot,human) Special ability: (grapple,stim,invisibly,wall,holo pilot,phase shift, radar pulse) Primary weapon: Secondary weapon: Age: Role: Rank: Faction: (6/4, mrvn, apex predator, imc, frontier milita, etc.) Anything special...
  10. Potatodude_12

    Fandom  Titanfall: connections

    (This is the main rp for accepted characters that are ready to go either already having a titan or searching for one)
  11. Potatodude_12

    Fandom  Titanfall connections ooc!

    Plan connections, companions, battles, post memes, talk and more!
  12. Potatodude_12

    Fandom  Titanfall: Connection

    Welcome, You’ve been accepted to become a pilot, the only problem is you have to choose a faction to join Andy Ben loyal to the them, such as the apex predators and the 6/4. Your actions and missions will change the tides of war in this action packed adventure (In the rp you can become a titan...
  13. Potatodude_12

    Fandom  Pokémon rp?

    Dude all of a sudden I wanna do a Pokemon rp where you actually do as a Pokémon and not a trainer thought that would be interesting but pleas respond if interested-
  14. Potatodude_12

    Fandom  Important characters to notice (suicide squad)

    Here are the characters that are very important to the plot and story.
  15. Potatodude_12

    Fandom  Suicide squad: characters

    Name: Nickname: Age: Height: Weight: Weapon preference: Costume preferences: (picture or description) Backstory(3-4 sentences) Rivals/enemies: Friend: (If they have any) Sexual orientation: Body/ facial description: (picture or description) Tattoos/marks?: Anything else?: Natural hair color: Eye...
  16. Potatodude_12

    Fandom  Suicide squad ooc!

    Plan rivalries, friendship, plans for plot, post memes, ships, mission ideas
  17. Potatodude_12

    Fandom  Suicide squad: Main rp

    (This is for character approved only so please what for your self to be accepted^^)
  18. Potatodude_12

    Realistic or Modern  Suicide squad: task force x (10-20 people)

    Welcome to task force X, You’ve been accepted to go in a mission with worst of the worst of villains, guns for hire, and more. You will probably die in this mission, if you finish the objective you’ll get 10 years off of your sentence, Here we will be going on a mission all you need to know is...
  19. Potatodude_12

    Fandom  Looking for anyone that wants to do an action/war rp

    Hello! So in this action/adventure this rp it takes place in another planet called cybertron and there’s two sides, the decipticons and the autobots. The descipticons are fighting to take control of the entire planet while the auto bots are fighting for the planet and freedom I’m pretty sure...
  20. Potatodude_12

    Futuristic  Lore

    This is where cyberton events/lore will be learn more about the transforms and they’re civil war on cybertron