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  1. StrixDesmodus

    Music  What is the weirdest music that you enjoy?

    It can be weird for bizarre lyrical content, unconventional melodies, or for being something that you don't think most of your peers listen to. Gimme those underrated genres and ballads of obscurity! I can't be the only one who actually listens to sea shanties.... Can I? Also, I'm gonna leave...
  2. StrixDesmodus

    Other Do You Use "Fancy" Vocab?

    Indubitably, I use eclectic words all the time. It's my legerdemain for making people think I'm eloquent at least half the time.
  3. StrixDesmodus

    Music What music gets you going?

    Seasonally appropriate too, not that I don't listen to it all dang year.
  4. StrixDesmodus

    Other Share your current roleplay(s)!

    Sounds cool, you don't really see that kind of roleplay taking place in the Wild West. That's an awesome spin on it.
  5. StrixDesmodus

    Other Share your current roleplay(s)!

    My pride and joy, The Bad Guys, is about a boarding school for future villains and henchmen.... And their cannon fodder too.
  6. StrixDesmodus

    Other Why did you pick your name?

    "Strix" is a genus of owls and "Desmodus" is a genus of bats, specifically of vampire bats. As for the Strix part, that's also vampire associated, just Google it- In ancient Rome, witches wre thought to turn into owl-like creatures and suck babies' blood. It's also where the word "Strigoi" comes...