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  1. Reaper Von Valentine

    Fantasy BlueBay academy of talent. (School for super powered people)

    I'm interested, is this RP going to be set in discord? or here?
  2. Reaper Von Valentine

    Fandom Our Hero Academia

    Could I join?
  3. Reaper Von Valentine

    Realistic or Modern Starhill Academy for the Performing Arts

    I think I would enjoy to be in it
  4. Reaper Von Valentine

    Fandom Welcome to the Santoris Region (Pokemon Group, now accepting!)

    May I ask if is it still open?
  5. Reaper Von Valentine

    Fantasy CLOSED FOR NOW

    I think I'm interested
  6. Reaper Von Valentine

    Fandom Monster Hunter RP - Looking for RPers (Open)

    Hell yeah!!!, I really would love to join
  7. Reaper Von Valentine

    Fandom 《WRATH》

    Kruger Louis Valentine [ Ibara Member ] -God, what a shitty day.- He said while tilting his head foward looking down, at those... Humans. He is sitting on the ledge of a bulding, he doesn't know witch one it is but he only knows that it is a nice place to be in, to be in this moment... of...
  8. Reaper Von Valentine

    Fandom 《WRATH》: Characters

    (Image yet to de done) GENERAL NAME: Kruger Louis Valentine AGE: 21 years BIRTHDAY: 13/7/2000 GENDER, PRONOUNS: Male, He, Him SEXUALITY: Asexual ETHNICITY: German AFFILIATION: Ibara RANK: Member APPEARANCE APPEARANCE: He has scars all around his chest, hands, and more particuraly in...
  9. Reaper Von Valentine

    Fandom 《WRATH》: Interest Check

    Is it still open?
  10. Reaper Von Valentine

    Fandom 《WRATH》: Interest Check

    I am interested!!!
  11. Reaper Von Valentine

    Fandom Monster Hunter RP?

    Wait a sec
  12. Reaper Von Valentine

    Fandom Monster Hunter RP?

    Yes, I for an example had a little different of a premise that the usual MH sort of thing
  13. Reaper Von Valentine

    Fandom Monster Hunter RP?

    HOLY CRAP!!! I am really interested! And if you ask me, I once tried to do one but almost no one joined. But I think this will be the oposite Is it still open?
  14. Reaper Von Valentine

    Futuristic Power Doesn't Make The Hero (Superpower/Cyberpunk RP)

    I took some time thinking it and, I'll give it a shot! Is the discord already made? In that case, can you pass the link?