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  1. KingsleyAdams2000

    Realistic or Modern  WLW Roleplay 18+

    I am looking for someone who is interested in doing a WLW (Women loving women) Roleplay. I want something dramatic, romantic and cute. My character is usually more on the submissive side personality wise so I’d like someone who can play more dominant characters. Age gap characters are...
  2. KingsleyAdams2000

    Realistic or Modern  One Couple Roleplay (M/F & F/F)

    Do you want to join a One Couple Roleplay? Well I got on here for you and I'm nice I promise. It's a new experience for you. I need a Beautiful Les/Bi/Pan Girl (Dominant please.) or a Handsome Boy. I play a female character. I’m 22 so I’d prefer a partner who’s 18+. I have some plots typed...