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  1. Alfonzo

    Fantasy  Character sheets for the Duel of the Lion and the Wolf

    This for any and all characters you will want to use in this story. You can start just about anywhere except as the leader of one of the nation’s. And due to the 2 empires massive expanse it may be hard to true affect the war meaningfully without being caught and killed if traitorous. Or put in...
  2. Alfonzo

    Fantasy  Lore of; the duel of the Lion of the Wolf and information.

    This world has a lot of things that are beyond this in the later story line but since were confined at this point it will be a lot simpler. There are 2 major nations and it appears after some Great War that still rages they’re almost the only nations on the planet left. Along with this 2 new...
  3. Alfonzo

    Multiple Settings  The Duel of the Lion and the Wolf

    Me and a friend have had a universe of which we created from our bountiful imaginations a world of endless blood shed, and beauty. Imagine a world of warhammer 40,000K but with some eldritch horrors of love craft, and with a more familiar fantasy setting mixed in, while still feeling a bit...
  4. Alfonzo

    Hi I’m new around here

    I have little RP Experiance and though it pains me to say it, I do enjoy rping would be open to anything fantasy related (I’ll do anything really) I guess just message here or like pm or something if you would like to show me what the hell to do... (not good at making story openings and stuff so...
  5. Alfonzo

    Fantasy  Hey I’m new around here

    For real I am in fact new around here I have like a little RP experience... not sure why I’m on here honestly, we shall see if I really can not feel too embarrassed being on a online RP forum I guess I’m down for anything really(I’d prefer fantasy I guess. If you don’t want to deal with a new...