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  1. Ozark2324

    Realistic or Modern  High school

    Anyone has an idea on A Rp for high school fantasy, I’m looking for a female partner for it, if you’re interested hmu
  2. Ozark2324

    Fantasy  High school adventure

    Hey, I’ve been really bored lately and have not been able to post much on here and all but I’ve tried to at least Find some kind of role-playing partner, any kind of partner that would be able to help me out in something that’s creative, I have a certain number of Kinks I want to try out as well...
  3. Ozark2324

    Fantasy  Hero

    Hey, I’m david morse im here to find a female partner for a roleplay thats mostly about a hero themed academy as well as a mulitple characters for well...anything mythical in terms of those characters. I have up to 2-3 side characters to use in case of multi-Rp or anything like it, if you’re...