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  1. starkravingsane

    Realistic or Modern THE I-LAND 𝙊𝙊𝘾

    I am still interested. I believe my CS is complete but let me know if it needs anything else. I would definitely be interested in communicating via discord. I have found it to be much more efficient than just using rpn.
  2. starkravingsane

    Realistic or Modern The Day The World Ended - a zombie apocalypse interest check

    Darn, I thought I had already responded to this. If you do end up opening up again, let me know.
  3. starkravingsane

    Realistic or Modern THE I-LAND 𝘾𝙎

    dj, spin it! /*left side*/ {slide= the explorer.} mood mood here location location here outfit outfit here mention mentions {/slide} /*right side*/ fas fa-circlefas fa-circlefas fa-circle NATURE APPEARANCE eyes, complexion, hair: Kit...
  4. starkravingsane

    Realistic or Modern 𝘾𝙃𝘼𝙉𝙂𝙀𝙎

    interested and taking a look at the CSs now
  5. starkravingsane

    Realistic or Modern Astoria - A Slice of Life RP

    --CODE BY REVERIEE-- red ties, in-character code. do not remove credit (visible or not) or claim as your own. -- to change the colors/images, change the variables below -- in order to change fonts, change the font in the variable, along with the corresponding font in the call-out tag in the...
  6. starkravingsane

    Realistic or Modern Astoria - OOC

    Oh that makes more sense, she'll see him walking from his shop and greet him getting coffee.
  7. starkravingsane

    Realistic or Modern Astoria - OOC

    Awesome on both counts. I can have Willa head over to where they are serving coffee and they could meet there. Maybe she sees the familiar black around the fingernails that mechanics always have (if he has this) and says hello, or maybe he is curious about a stranger at the town festival and...
  8. starkravingsane

    Realistic or Modern Astoria - OOC

    Did the like on my character sheet mean my char is approved? If so, @Keggee311 , I was thinking my character is looking to buy a used car and I thought she might ask James if he has or knows of any. Could be now or later.
  9. starkravingsane

    Realistic or Modern Astoria - Character Sheets

    I do intend to do a full CS with code, but thought I would get in the basics first. Edit: Done. -------fonts--------- headings body ---------container--------- ---------tabs--------- --------first tab------- -----tab cover----- fal fa-homefal fa-userfal fa-commentfal fa-bookfal...
  10. starkravingsane

    Realistic or Modern Astoria - OOC

    Ok thanks. I'm thinking of an outsider running from a troubled past, but could be someone who left and got mixed up in something and is coming back.
  11. starkravingsane

    Realistic or Modern Astoria - OOC

    Do all of the characters have to have grown up in Astoria?
  12. starkravingsane

    Realistic or Modern Astoria - OOC

    Hey, I just saw the interest check and I'm interested in joining. Are there any kind of characters/professions you guys feel would be a good addition?
  13. starkravingsane

    Fandom His Dark Materials RP

  14. starkravingsane

    Fandom  His Dark Materials RP

    Hey there, I'm just checking to see if anyone would be interested in doing an RP based off the His Dark Materials trilogy. I've read the books (sadly, multiple times) and seen the series thus far, but just a general knowledge of the series/basic understanding of the world it is set in would do.
  15. starkravingsane

    Fandom ARMAGEDDON -An Umbrella Academy Inspired Superhero RP -Sign Ups- CLOSED

    (source: WATCHING STARS COLLIDE) Name: Bexley Quinn Aliases/Nickname: Batshit Bexley Gender: female Nationality/Country of Origin: USofA Powers: Bexley can read minds--but as far as she knows, she's a schizophrenic who hears voices. At this point in time, Bex has no control over her...
  16. starkravingsane

    Multiple Settings The Loop | IC | Timeline 2

    LNuclear Testing SiteMMischievousOOutfit LinkKAI JOR GEN SEN Kai - The Troublemaker"All right, let's do this," Kai said, a devious look on her face that suggested she was disturbingly excited to wreak some real havoc. With Amber following behind, Kai started off toward the center of the party...
  17. starkravingsane

    Futuristic The Loop | OOC

    Ok, I'm finally sitting down to write a reply--so sorry it took so long, had some personal issues for a bit there but I'm back now--but I'm wondering how we are going to navigate a storyline with missing characters. Like I was going to probably have Kai interact with Tommy but I'll just leave...
  18. starkravingsane

    Futuristic The Loop | OOC

    Heyyyyy I’m sorry I was unexpectedly in the hospital for a while but I’m back now and will respond to the last post. ….unless we are giving up on this?
  19. starkravingsane

    Futuristic The Loop | OOC

    @orbitalpudding Sorry I never got around to trying to plot with you! And also I guess I didn't realize it was your character throwing the party at first--I should have discussed before having Kai bring a bunch of drugs and alcohol in. Do you want Kai and Tommy to have any kind of relationship...