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  1. --Skye--

    Realistic or Modern  Curse of the Mad Scientist [Partner search]

    Hello ^^ I wanted to do an RP with my newest character, whose name is Franzi. She's the ghost of an antisocial and sometimes nice mad scientist who's been working on something in an abandoned forest mansion for the past 80 years. She usually scares away any unwanted visitors, which one day...
  2. --Skye--

    Multiple Settings  My own personal ultra partner search!

    Hello, my name's Skye! I'm a semi-literate [At least a few lines] RPer and I'm looking for a long-term RP, I guess! If you can’t tell, I’m not really sure :vP (P.S) Any mentions of wikis or whatever are for my Amino account in my websites thing on my profile. I'm working on getting everything...
  3. --Skye--

    Futuristic  A Lonely Post-Apocalypse - 1x1 recruitment post [Sci-fi]

    I'm making this post for a plot I just finished today - my biggest (or at least longest) one yet! I'd post it here, but I think I'd either be breaking a rule or I think it'd be in the wrong place.. Anyway! It's a 1x1 RP inspired by indie games, where I play my alien oc named J'ory who wanders...
  4. --Skye--

    Multiple Settings  1x1 Interest check (Semi-Literate, Long-term, OCxOC) [Outdated..kinda]

    Hello, my name's Skye! I'm a semi-literate [At least a few lines] RPer who's...kind of been taking a break from RPing for maybe two months now to work on something, so I might be a little rusty :-P I have a few plots/characters that I've wanted to do/play as for a while, which there are quite a...
  5. --Skye--

    Multiple Settings  A partner recruitment thread! (Semi-literate)

    Hello! I'm making this interest check cos most of the Rps I'm in aren't active right now. I have a few RP ideas that I've been wanting to use, but if you don't want to do the ones I have listed, I have more (or we could use yours if you had some), but most of them are slice-of-life's. So if...
  6. --Skye--

    Realistic or Modern  Looking for RP partners!

    Hello! I'm not really RPing with anyone at the moment, so I came here to see if anyone was interested in RPing with me! I'm semi-literate and have been RPing for maybe two years now, but can't say if I'm any good at RPing yet :P I mainly do OCxOC RPs (Pretty much all of my OCs are female, btw)...
  7. --Skye--

    Multiple Settings  Partner Search Thread

    Hello, my name's Skye! I'm a semi-literate roleplayer who usually does realistic slice-of-life RPs, but I do fantasy sometimes, too. I'm also mostly a non-fandom OC RPer, saying that because there's one I actually have characters for. Although, those are still technically OCs, too - or at least...
  8. --Skye--

    Realistic or Modern  First RP request

    Hello! I'm (pretty much) new here, so I thought I'd post an RP advertisement! I'm semi-literate and looking for (I'm guessing) long-term partners. So, if you want to RP, lemme know! See you later ^^ (BTW, by the time I'm writing this, I, er..only have around an hour, so that's why I might not...
  9. --Skye--

    Realistic or Modern  First RP request (Originals, long-term..I guess.)

    Hello! I just joined this site (pretty much), so I thought I'd try making an RP request! I'm semi-literate, only really RP with OCs and as my genre stuff says, I usually do realistic RPs and slice-of-lifes, but I also do fantasy sometimes, too! I'm hoping that's all you'll need for now, but...