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  1. Phantom Thief of Hearts

    Character Theory  Characters are more than just their powers

    As a writer, I've gotten sick and tired of seeing people putting more effort on their powers and abilities rather than the characters themselves. And as a fandom RPer, guys, you don't need nerf Superman. The Blue Boy Scout's personality is a better nerf than taking away his powers.
  2. Phantom Thief of Hearts

    Suggestion  Multifandom prefix?

    I'm come to notice how most RPs that use the Fandom prefix are really Multifandom RPs and I'm aware that there are those on the site that would like to avoid those kinds of RPs in their search for a simple Fandom RP. It's primarily the reason why I think a Multifandom prefix would be nice as...
  3. Phantom Thief of Hearts

    Advice/Help  "Hi, Peter! My name's Peter!" (How to deal with heroes with the same given name)

    Since I've RP'd in Multifandom almost exclusively... I must ask, how do you guys deal with a hero whose given name is the same as another one of your characters? Do you stick to calling them by their surname or stick to primarily their alias?
  4. Phantom Thief of Hearts

    Answered  Covers for Threads not appearing on RPNation Dark

    Exactly what it says on the tin. I tried adding it back in and well this happened...
  5. Phantom Thief of Hearts

    Advice/Help  What to do with the Characters of Inactive players?

    From my experience, I've noticed that people would either retcon them out of existence or just kill them off... But I wonder what happens if the players every come back? So now I ask you all, "What would be the best way to handle the characters of players that suddenly go inactive?"
  6. Phantom Thief of Hearts

    Chitchat  Home Cooking ideas

    Can someone gimme some ideas? I'm looking to do more things at home.
  7. Phantom Thief of Hearts

    Viewpoint  When is it too much detail?

    I've been watching a lot of book reviews on youtube during lockdown and I've noticed that in a lot of them when a writer goes too long with describing something in the story it's too much and it would lose the reader's interest and bore them. So I ask this question to all of you... When is it...
  8. Phantom Thief of Hearts

    Advice/Help  When is it Tasteful for One to Invoke Real World Tragedies/Events?

    As it says on the tin. I'm curious what's the cut off date for an RP (or any form of media) to invoke real world tragedies/events. Personally, I think that it should at least be when the hysteria dies down depending on the kind of story it is. If it's a tribute to those who suffered then I see...
  9. Phantom Thief of Hearts

    Viewpoint  Why can't RPs seem to get Eldritch Horror/Cosmic Horror/Lovecraftian Horror right

    Often times I see them boil it down to fight the weird tentacle hentai monster or it's Cthulhu, who happens to be just Dagon's bitch in the lore. It's like they never read any of Lovecraft's short stories. Cosmic Horror is more than just blood and guts. It's about the all-consuming dread that...
  10. Phantom Thief of Hearts

    Opinion  The Elite OC-Only Rpers (Why even argue?)

    I'm just gonna say in advance let's keep this topic civil and friendly. So, I've noticed that a lot of the threads in this section of the site tend to harbor a lot of people who tend to have a high and mighty view of themselves for exclusively roleplaying their own original characters. While...
  11. Phantom Thief of Hearts

    Suggestion  New RP reaction ideas

    I'm thinking that we need reactions for scenes that evoke a powerful emotional response in people as such I want to suggest adding reactions for Scary posts, Funny posts and finally tragic posts. Maybe a 💀 for Scary posts. I guess the comedy theater mask for funny and the drama theater mask...
  12. Phantom Thief of Hearts

    Anime & Manga  What if? You put a character from one show and make them a character of another?

    I was inspired by what "Batman vs Predator" writer Dave Gibbons once said when he made the crossover happen. He mentioned that he treated the Predator as if it was a brand new idea that's introduced in a Batman book and asked... Would it work? It did... I thought about this when working on...
  13. Phantom Thief of Hearts

    Fandom  Beyond Infinite Crisis: Comprehensive Guide to the Universe

    MATT MURDOCK/DAREDEVIL Abandoned by his mother, Matt Murdock was raised by his father, boxer "Battling Jack" Murdock, in Hell's Kitchen. Realizing that rules were needed to prevent people from behaving badly, young Matt decided to study law; however, when he saved a man from an oncoming truck...
  14. Phantom Thief of Hearts

    Sophia Kaye A.K.A. Citizen V

    Name: Sophia Kaye Aliases: Citizen V Morality: Lawful Good Age: 21 Appearance: Species: Human Powers: None Skills: Sophia Kaye is a skilled Gymnist but often relies on her wits. Sophia has a Genius-Level IQ. Origin: Sophia was born in a fleeting affair...
  15. Phantom Thief of Hearts

    Megadimension Neptunia VII

    "Looks like we know the story's gonna be different from the main game... after all we gotta sell it to you guys!" Neptune said.
  16. Phantom Thief of Hearts

    Nep Sisters

    Name: "Hey, Everyone! The Name's Neptune! But you can also call me Nep or NepNep or Neppers..." Universe from: "I'm from the super popular 'Hyperdimension Neptunia' Franchise!" Gender: "Well... as you can tell I'm all woman!" Age: "I really don't know... the series really makes it hard for me...
  17. Phantom Thief of Hearts

    RWBY x Overwatch

    @Thepotatogod, @Kingmalikai
  18. Phantom Thief of Hearts

    Team RWBY

    Name: Ruby Rose Universe from: RWBY Gender: Female Age: 15 Personality:  At the start of the show, Ruby was described by Monty as being "innocent" and still a "little sister". She is quick to reveal she wanted to become a huntress in order to be like the great heroes in fairy tales, and has...
  19. Phantom Thief of Hearts

    Persona x The Real Ghostbusters

  20. Phantom Thief of Hearts


    Name: Samhain Universe from: The Real Ghostbusters Gender: Male Age: Over 1000 Personality:  Samhain is the type of character to take direct action, led solely by his mission. Samhain believes that ghosts have been treated unfairly in this world due to people like the...