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  1. LittleWingedThing

    Fandom  Marvel Universe Roleplay

    Let’s try this again since my last post wasn’t as detailed as I would have liked. Currently, (as mentioned above) I am only looking to start a Marvel roleplay. Specifically an Avengers one, though I am open to cross overs as long as they’re from the MCU. First off, a little bit about myself...
  2. LittleWingedThing

    Fandom  Avengers Roleplay Search

    Hello everyone! This is going to be really short because I’m currently just looking for one thing now. First off, just a couple of preferences! -Please be over 18. I like mature and dark themes, so I don’t feel comfortable roleplaying with minors. -I like to write anywhere from 4-8 paragraphs...
  3. LittleWingedThing

    Fandom  The Originals Roleplay Search

    Hello everyone, and welcome to my roleplay partner search! As stated above, I’m looking for someone to do an Originals roleplay with. This can include characters from The Vampire Diaries and Legacies. If you’re interested in roleplaying, please message me or comment below! What I’m Looking For...
  4. LittleWingedThing

    Multiple Settings  Searching For: A Long Term RP Partner

    After a long hiatus from writing, I am finally ready to start roleplaying again. And due to some health issues (nothing too serious, but inconvenient nonetheless) I will be active on here a lot for quite a while. So now is the perfect time to get some roleplays going! A little bit about myself...