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  1. Skyhunter

    Fantasy  [Isekai Hell] Thief's Wonderland

    Inside the Ryken Academy within the early hours of the morning... Quiet footsteps made their way in the high levels of the academy, this quiet intruder made her way towards a large door, using a quiet magic spell in elven language, the door unlocked and opened on its own. The intruder walked...
  2. Skyhunter

    Fantasy  [Isekai Hell] The Dead awake at Night (Blue Viscera Occult Questline)

    5:30 PM - Windy - Cloudy, looks like it may rain soon In the Northern Forests of Ryken, a stench of death lingers in the air around the quite large village of Kananto, sitting at a 2 miles long (3.219 kilometers) and 3 miles wide (4.828 kilometers) the village was fortified, having strong walls...
  3. Skyhunter

    Fantasy  [Isekai Hell] Northern Forests adventure

    Within the confines of the Ryken Forests, towards the North. Footsteps slammed across the forest ground, a small frame skid across bushes and brush, trying to escape the incoming horde of villagers, the previous villagers she once knew and grew up with from long ago. Those days have passed and...
  4. Skyhunter

    Fantasy  [Isekai Hell] Help wanted! So it shall be a competition!

    Ryken The Capital city of Ryken! A glorious and pretty wealthy city, with a long history that many would try to forget or not mention. Within the large walls of this wonderous city was many for one to discover, guards combed the entire city, keeping the peace. The small alleyways holding many...