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  1. ashdromeda

    Multiple Settings  i am once again making a search thread

    hello! i am back once more to provide you with ✨absolutely nothing✨!!! you can call me ash!! and i use any pronouns :] ok let's get right into it!! i see some people do a 'what u can expect from me' and a 'what i expect from you' bit so i guess i'll try that ---what you can expect from me! i...
  2. ashdromeda

    Multiple Settings  this just in: i have issues (looking for romantic ocxoc stuff! always open)

    Hi person reading this!! You can call me ash :] I dont really have anything else to put here so let’s get right into it! The amount i write varies greatly depending on the rp, but generally i value quality over quantity. I’d appreciate it if you tried to write around the same amount i do but if...
  3. ashdromeda

    Multiple Settings  looking for romantic ocxoc stuff :] (always open, i have a problem)

    hii! you can call me ash i'm too lazy to format this at the moment so what you see is what you get. i type better in character i swear! so, let's get right into it! i average about 100-200 words *minimum* but it also depends on the roleplay, how fast-paced it is, etc. i'd prefer if you were...