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    Fantasy  Lovely again Today | [open]

    ✿ YASU The wandering man, one who walked between both the realms of the world of monsters and humans had been forgotten yet again. His life was one of a cycle of death and rebirth, to repeatedly live short spans of lives to once again be grasped by death, cursed by any connection he may have in...

    Fantasy  Clear Crimson Mirror | Private

    (Here is the link to the original, just for nostalgia purposes <3) Noa's steps had shadowed Ayumi's, the woman watching Ayumi's movements with caution. Keeping an eye on Ayumi was important, more than ever. She honestly couldn't even imagine the agony that Ayumi was going through right now...

    Fantasy  The Big Mixed Box of Plots

    Hello everyone! Since I'm coming over here from FeralFront, I'm basically completely at a loss on where to start with reposting a lot of my old threads that I still hold interest in, or have looked back on and feel as if rekindling them anew would be rather fun especially with new people! All...