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  1. LumaThePhoenix

    Realistic or Modern  The Shade Corps(Remake)

    (A remake in honor of the original creator of this concept @LowkeyLovingLoki ) On the coast, a large mansion sits near a cliff's edge, solitary despite its prime location. The views of the beach are magnificent, but that isn't why there are people at the normally private property this time of...
  2. LumaThePhoenix

    Daisuke Nagano

    Name: Daisuke Nagano Sexuality: Straight Nationality: Japanese Age: 17 Power: Wind Height: 5'10 Weight: 137 Crush: None Symbol: Daisuke has a raven wing on his chest. Personality: Daisuke is laid back and is loaded with sarcasm. He's a bit of a nutcase sometimes and...
  3. LumaThePhoenix

    Realistic or Modern  North American Football League

    (So I'm a huge football fan, and thought it would be great to have an NFL-like RP. Hopefully, I can get enough people on board to get this franchise off the ground! P.S., I already have a skill chart and CS on the ready!) ATTENTION: The Las Vegas Dragons are the newest team in the North...