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  1. cran

    Other  Pride Month

    It's pride month!!! I'm excited!!! That is literally the only reason for this thread!!! But I mean also, I've been wanting for a while to try and reach out to other LGBT people on this site and now seemed like the ideal time to do it. Come say hey! 🌈
  2. cran

    Fantasy  open world rp?

    This is barely even a full idea yet but I haven't seen a lot of casual open world style RPs on this site and I was wondering if that would be anything anyone would be interested in. I like the premise of creating a world and then just kind of letting people run wild with their characters within...
  3. cran

    Futuristic  Quarantine City [IC]

    [OOC thread] [Game log thread] --- Somewhere, an old-world style radio crackles awake, dead signals coming back to life. A voice speaks. "For a while, bets were out on whether it'd be natural disaster, plague, or humanity's own greed collapsing society in on itself that would end the world...
  4. cran

    Futuristic  Quarantine City [Game log]

    [Main IC thread] [OOC thread] This thread is for keeping up with the events of the main RP as well as cataloguing background/world building information and characters so nothing and nobody gets confused or forgotten. Please keep off-topic conversation to a minimum on this thread. The story...
  5. cran

    Futuristic  Quarantine City [OOC]

    [Main IC thread] [Game log thread] This is the out of character thread for Quarantine City RP. For ooc conversation, questions, character building, and so on. First order of business here: character creation! If you're just joining us, you can check out the original interest check thread for...
  6. cran

    Futuristic  Quarantine City-- Soft Post-Apoc WIP

    This is still very much a work in progress but I've been trying to put this idea together for a while and I thought I'd share it to see if anyone would be interested. -- For a while bets were out on whether it'd be natural disaster, plague, or humanity's own greed collapsing society in on...
  7. cran

    Multiple Settings  Partner search + Possible worlds I'd like to try

    Hey, I'm Cran. I'm 22, pronouns are they/them, fairly experienced RPer, and I'm still looking for partners. PLEASE READ: I work a full time job and will probably only be able to contribute once or twice a week at max, but when I do I write at least a paragraph of well thought out material and...
  8. cran

    Multiple Settings  looking for one or multiple partners

    Hey, I'm Cran (formerly Cranboggles) and I'm an experienced but somewhat rusty RPer looking for potential partners. About me: I'm available to play on here or on discord, but personally I prefer discord so having it is a bonus I tend to write at least a paragraph or two per response and I'd...
  9. cran

    Fantasy  Circle Within a Circle- A Demon's Quest

    It happens, one day. You float from the Aether to Nether and back again, a blot of ink sharpening slowly into a curl of a letter, a word. You are a living thing, you're sure of it. Not only that, you sense you were something of some importance at a time. It must've been awfully long ago for...
  10. cran

    Other  Obscure fandoms you'd like to RP

    I almost never do fandom RP, largely because I prefer making and interacting with entirely original characters (not to say you can't do this within a fandom RP), but also because the things I think I'd like to RP are usually pretty niche and not well known of. I prefer RPing within media where...
  11. cran

    Other  Collaberative GMs?

    I was thinking on this and wondered if anyone had experience running a game/campaign collaboratively. As in, have you ever had an RP where both you and another person were GMs and ran the game together? I was thinking it could be a good way to operate if, for example, one GM had a busy schedule...
  12. cran

    Other  Apocalypse World system

    Does anyone here RP using the Apocalypse World playbooks are similarly inspired game templates? I'm a big fan of AW though I haven't had much chance to RP with anyone using that system. The book PDFs are available for free online and I like both how accessible the rules and gameplay are and how...
  13. cran

    Commission  Commissions

    I just remade so I doubt this will get much attention but I thought I might as well put out there that I do art (and writing) commissions. I have an artblog at lemonscented-artblog.tumblr.com if you wanna check out the kinda stuff I do. You can message me here, there, anywhere if you're...
  14. cran


    Hey, all. I'm Cran. I had an account on this site when I was in highschool but fell into inactivity as other stuff started to take over my time. (I had a game I ran for a pretty long while called "Nightingale" on the off chance anyone remembers that) I thought it might be fun to get back into...