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  1. Corpse_Fire

    Digital Corpse's Art Dump no.1

    and as you can see im still working on figuring it all out so apologies in advance.
  2. Corpse_Fire

    Digital  Corpse's Art Dump no.1

    !!!GORE WARNING!!! Okay so This is going to be my second post on this site now, just letting others know that I do digital art. Im self taught and find interest in gore, and nonhuman characters such as my OC, Jasper who is shown above. I figured to just do a immediate art dump of characters...
  3. Corpse_Fire

    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hello, Im Corpse and love creating characters based off fiction along with stories that are based on creepy topics or simply odd. For stories or roleplay genres im interested in, I would say I tend to lean more towards those that have a kind of thriller, or horror feel to them. Murder mysteries...