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  1. Catlily1

    HELP ME!!

    I like making them first!! I think character design is really fun, even just using makers! Gives me a good idea for the vibe I'm going for. Then the rest comes natural!
  2. Catlily1

    I love warrior cats!!

    I've been trying to catch up to the latest books!! I'm currently on a vision of shadows!! :3
  3. Catlily1

    Warrior Cats - New-ish to the Fandom

    I love doing these kinds of things!! The only issue comes when people makes fanclan lore very big, it intimidates a lot of people who wanna rp 😩
  4. Catlily1

    Lets make a medicine cat guide one sentence at a time.

    Poppy seeds! Used to numb pain, soothe shock or distress and help a cat sleep! Not recommended for nursing queens.
  5. Catlily1

    Fandom warrior cat thing

    is this still going? None of the links work anymore
  6. Catlily1

    Fandom Written in the mud (Warrior cats RP)

    This is pretty old, but are you still looking?
  7. Catlily1

    Fandom warrior cats rp anyone?

    Late late late! Still looking?
  8. Catlily1

    Fandom  Warrior Cats Roleplay!

    I'd like to be able to roleplay warrior cats with someone, but I can do multiple roleplays so don't worry about replying if someone else has! I need a little bit of help naming my cat, however. I'd like him to be in Riverclan or Thunderclan, and we can figure out a plot together depending on...
  9. Catlily1

    Fandom Warrior cats rp

    I'd be interested if you're still open to finding people!
  10. Catlily1

    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hello everyone! My name is James, and I just rediscovered this website apparently? I found I had an account previously when trying to make one so I decided I might as well use it!! My name is James, I use He/Him pronouns I've been roleplaying for about five to seven years (I'm unsure) and I'm...