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  1. Loner Raven5885

    Multiple Settings  New Rp Partners and Friends

    Getting back into roleplay. I have been busy a bit, but now I can and want to resume Roleplay... I do hope to make friends as well as partners Here is What I look for in a partner: Should be able to write 1+ good paragraphs. More is absolutely welcome. MUST BE 18+ I don't feel comfortable with...
  2. Loner Raven5885

    Multiple Settings  Long-term Partners

    Hey All. Back into it again after being a bit sick with a cold and busy. Need to know to RP with me Not ghost friendly: if you don't want to RP fine but don't ghost me please, just tell me you no longer want to RP I HAte one-liners: They are boring so I expect 2 lengthy paragraphs at min, more...
  3. Loner Raven5885

    Multiple Settings  Search for Rp Partners and friends

    Hey All. Back into it again after busy few weeks** Currently looking for people to roleplay with. I have been roleplaying for few years and I looking to created stories and make friends, I am 29 so I prefer my partner to be 18+ especially if RP may include some mature themes Need to know to RP...
  4. Loner Raven5885

    Multiple Settings  Seeking Long term RP partner

    hello Everyone. I hope you all had great My name is Sophie and looking for people to roleplay with. I prefer to roleplay with people who are 18+ as I am over 21 myself. I would prefer a long partner who is literate. I HATE one-liners. I prefer my partner to give me 2 paragraphs or more. I am...
  5. Loner Raven5885

    Fandom  Rp Partners in general

    Hey everyone I look for someone who would like to RP with me. I would like someone who can do some fandoms but also original roleplays. My preferred genre is horror, mystery romance. I am looking for someone who will reply to 2 paragraphs at least. More is always welcome I love details. NO...
  6. Loner Raven5885

    Fandom  Umbrella academy

    Hey all. I look for someone to RP umbrella academy with me. I am looking for romance and adventure as well. I am open to fxf pairing. I would prefer someone to be a cannon to my oc. I am willing to double up. I need someone literate, and who can write a paragraph or more. NO ONE LINERS!!!
  7. Loner Raven5885

    Fandom  Rp partners(long term)

    Hey, all I am looking for RP partners. I have several fandoms I wanna play, I looking for someone who can be canon to my oc. I cannot play cannons as I do not want to butcher them. * Following fandoms I want () who I am looking for in the fandom *Umbrella Academy season 2 Au ( Ben, Five, the...
  8. Loner Raven5885

    Fandom  Looking for new roplay partners

    Hello, I am looking for new partners who are interested in roleplay. I like fandom and original rps. My preference for writing is paragraph possibly more. I don't like one-liners. I get some people who may be busy with life or uninterested at some point. if so please tell me, don't just...