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  1. Xcelgamer

    Multiple Settings  Xcel's search for writing partners

    So yeah hi I'm Xcel. So straight up I'm laying a few ground rules and expectations from me - Preferably partners over 18, I'm a little over 20 and like writing a bit dark so yeah just don't want to accidentally scar younger people - I go by she/they pronouns, I know...just making sure people...
  2. Xcelgamer

    Fantasy  Kaisei: An Eye for an Eye

    Natalia came in slamming the door front door "THE. HELL" She said as she threw her rapier into a wooden support beam. Emelia walked down the steps and pulled out the rapier from the beam "Is everything all right Mistress Natalia, I'm assuming due to the rapier stuck in the beam that the...
  3. Xcelgamer

    Fandom  BNHA 1x1 (-Enter Cheesy Name Here-)

    The sun was starting to peer over the buildings of Japan and the bustling only just starting to appear, there were some like MJ however who were already up before the sun had started to rise. MJ was excited, as today was the first day that she had the chance to become a Hero. She already gotten...
  4. Xcelgamer

    Fandom  Something something RWBY

    So I've gotten back into RWBY and I'm thirsting for some more content. So I'm making an rp around RWBY. I haven't got a complete idea of where I want to go with the story. But I do have a general idea for a starting point, in other words orientation and team making challenge. I'm planning to...
  5. Xcelgamer

    Xcel's Home for Wayward Misfits

    Hi, I love making characters and this is where they will be staying on this site
  6. Xcelgamer

    Hi, I'm Xcelgamer

    Hi, while not new to role-playing, I am new to this place. I usually like to role play fantasy, science fiction or beating another character up just to see who would win, I am still chill with playing canon characters within a series. While preferring to play with Oc's I still like to play in...