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  1. PrincessAveRedfern

    Multiple Settings  Torn U

    Hello! This is a roleplay based on a book I have been writing for a few years! I thought it would be fun to bring this book to life a little to give me more motivation to finish it! SO let's get into what the roleplay is about! It is about a school that has a curse. The curse you say? Well, it...
  2. PrincessAveRedfern

    Realistic or Modern  A crime about gangs (WhatAmI & PrincessAveRedfern)

    A day in the life of a gang Two different gangs are fighting for their territories. They want it known that it's their turf. They aren't afraid to make conflict. In the world of these gangs, they are wanting to prove who is better than the other. On one side we have: Ave: She is a blonde...
  3. PrincessAveRedfern

    Fantasy  Fantasy with a modern take

    Hello! I will like to start by saying I have been an on-and-off Roleplayer for years. I am looking to do a roleplay that is fantasy but with a modern take. I have some ideas of what looking to do: 1) A school with a curse. 2) A modern school with fantasy characters 4) Modern day...
  4. PrincessAveRedfern

    Looking for  New to here need help!

    Hello! I am new to this site, I been a roleplayer on and off for years and have missed roleplaying so much. So if anyone could give me advice on whats best for this site, like how to work it to message one on one would be fantastic!!