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  1. Saryylyss

    Fantasy  Like Words on the Wind

    It had been a couple of weeks since the journey had begun. Apart from a disconcerting run-in with the Shadows, the trip had been relatively quiet thus far. The caravan was peaceful, and the figure sitting by the dying fire kept watch over what stirred both without, and within the protective...
  2. Saryylyss

    Multiple Settings  Between Two Worlds

    The hold of this ship reeks of bilge and rot. The swells that lift and lower the ship make the iron bars of the brig groan against their fastenings, interrupted only by the dull clinking of the iron chains that secure my manacles to the wall. It's dark. Since the lantern consumed its fuel, it...
  3. Saryylyss

    Fantasy  A Love Before Time (Saryylyss & sailorsdelight)

    A Love Before Time Humanity is the only race of creatures on this globe that delight in killing their own kind.... To history, he is known by many names. Stories written of him, songs sung, his name whispered in fear, love, devotion, and rage. There are those who revered him, still others...
  4. Saryylyss

    Multiple Settings  A Love Before Time (LF long-term)

    Hello, thanks for checking this out! A little about me and then I'll delve into my passion project. I'm Sar, been role-playing and writing for over 20 years, mostly-lit as much of my writing takes place on my phone, which is also why formatting is almost non-existent for me! Multi-para...
  5. Saryylyss

    Story  Mass Effect: Obsession (Trigger warnings)

    TW: Stalker behavior, mild language, nudity, (NO DETAILS! Just literally just the word "nude") violence towards women from a masculine figure (they are enemies on a battlefield) Mass Effect: Obsession The darkness settled around Saren like a familiar, weighted blanket. The turian lay on his...