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  1. Ramjammer

    Multiple Settings  Man Made Gods

    "Anything yet?" The question drew a prolonged sigh and an eye roll from the woman sitting in front of the monitor. The man standing just at her shoulder frowned in response, clearly in no mood. "No, nothing. The same as yesterday, and the day before, and-" "Don't get smart." He cut her off...
  2. Ramjammer

    Fantasy  Man Made Gods Lore

    A board for discussing the Lore of Man made Gods. I'm open to suggestion and discussion on the setting so feel free to ask questions about that here. Both Links contain the exact same information, it's only formatted differently. Lore-Google Docs For people who don't have a Microsoft Account...
  3. Ramjammer

    Fantasy  Man Made Gods.(OOC)

    @Worthlessplebian @Paradoxical_sleep @irregular-neptune @mysteryxio I went ahead and made an OOC page. Feel free to ask any questions here, or discuss what you'd like to see from me as the DM. Right now, we're holding for someone with computer issues, but still need 1 more player. If...
  4. Ramjammer

    Fantasy  Man Made Gods- Characters

    Board for characters accepted into the Man Made Gods RP.
  5. Ramjammer

    Multiple Settings  Man Made Gods (Open recruitment)

    Well after talking with other people, I decided to get my shit together and make this world work. I hope it pays off. Character slots are now first come, first serve provided they meet all criteria. My DMs are always open for questions. Lore Character Profiles IC Board OOC Board Designed...
  6. Ramjammer

    Fantasy  Ram's public character dump.

    Exactly what it says at the top. A public board for all my characters.
  7. Ramjammer

    Multiple Settings  Modern fantasy RP

    Back at it again with this nonsense. When will I ever learn? Relevant characters (You need to only read the first post.) [/SPOILER] Plot points are of course, simply ideas. But the basic premise is a Character growing through their interactions with a very scary world and...
  8. Ramjammer

    One x One  Friends In the Void Characters

    Info for the setting and Main Characters.
  9. Ramjammer

    Fantasy  Friends in the Void v2.0

    This was not good. This was in fact, probably the farthest one could get from good. The cool fall evening meant that many people would not be out at a time like this which was just as well, Rasteva would hate to be seen like this. Leaves rustled wildly as something small and dark zipped over...
  10. Ramjammer

    Fantasy  Friends in the Void.

    Richard watched the digital display over the Elevator's doors in silence, the numbers on it changing at what felt like a Snail's pace. He wasn't late for his meeting with the CEO. He was never late. But that didn't make the wait any more bearable. The Chief of Security grumbled softly, a gloved...
  11. Ramjammer

    One x One  Friends in the Void (OOC)

    Info for the setting and Main Characters.
  12. Ramjammer

    Multiple Settings  Looking for a partner for original sci-fi/modern fantasy RP

    Heyo! I'm trying to dust off the old writing chops and get back into things. It's been a couple of years and man this story has changed a lot. Right now I'm looking for a partner for my trashy original rp. Take a read and see if anything interests you! I'm also dropping links to the character...
  13. Ramjammer

    Futuristic  Daemon Days(Scifi/Fantasy fusion RP)

    I'm going to post an interest check here for this RP since it has Cyberpunk and Scifi elements in it alongside the Fantasy stuff. Daemon Days Main Board(IC ONLY) Daemon Days OOC Board   A lot of world building has gone into this thing and it could really use some players. It's...
  14. Ramjammer

    Fantasy  Daemon Days(OPEN)

    They had existed for as long as the Universe itself. Flitting through shadows and keeping themselves just at the edge of Human comprehension. Daemons. Creatures of great power that had always observed Mortals but very rarely did they make their presence known. They kept to themselves, donning...
  15. Ramjammer

    Fantasy  Daemon Days (Fantasy/Scifi fusion RP)

    Heya! Ramjammer here, long time Rper and today I'd like to introduce to you all a personal RP of mine that I've wanted to do for a LONG time. Daemon Days Main Board(IC ONLY) Daemon Days OOC Board   A lot of world building has gone into this thing and it could really use some...
  16. Ramjammer

    Fantasy  Daemon Days OOC

    OOC Chat for the Daemon Days RP.  Feel free to leave any questions or comments! Main Board (IC Only) Character Board
  17. Ramjammer

    Fantasy  Daemon Days Characters

    MAIN BOARD (IC ONLY) OOC BOARD Character Template   All Characters will be posted here using the template provided. Extra information about each section is under the cut as well. I'll give it a read over and if you're accepted I'll let you know and you may begin posting. If...
  18. Ramjammer

    Hi there!

    Hello everyone! I'm new here, and I hope to have a good time and I can't wait to dive right in! While I'm new to the site, I'm not new to RP and have been Roleplaying for a few years now. But I still have a lot to learn, I'm hoping to pick up some new things here. Cheers!