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  1. Walliver

    Experiences What's one RP trope/topic that makes you leave without discussion?

    Something I’ve encountered: People being condescending to my character. Not characters being condescending, but actual people. Writers. It’s the worst feeling in the world tbh
  2. Walliver

    Experiences Whats making you angry today? Rp pet peeves

    I don’t know why, but I get really pissed off when people jump into my interest checks offering something that isn’t even remotely related to what I’m asking for. Like I’ll say “low fantasy slow burn with a bit of angst” and they’ll say “CYBERPUNK GANG ROLEPLAY WITH THIS VERY SPECIFIC PLOT”. I...
  3. Walliver

    Experiences What was the most obvious case of someone not reading your post?

    Uhhhhhh, okay- didn’t happen on this site but- My character (an android) was straight up dead and the other characters were like “he’s still alive! we need to get him back to base!” and they did this like two or three times after I said that he was dead, I eventually just posted a message from...
  4. Walliver

    Experiences Biggest RP "Culture Shocks?"

    Definitely the fact that you can’t look at everyone’s rps (DMs are private). On Scratch, you can see everything, anything you want to. Man, it was weird.
  5. Walliver

    Experiences Whats making you angry today? Rp pet peeves

    Honestly, same. where’d all the urban fantasy people go? And did the craving for medieval rps just go away? It’s weird for the site, and I’ve only been on here for about 11 months.
  6. Walliver

    Experiences Weirdest Role Play?

    it’s not exactly weird but it’s a bit out of the ordinary.... I was rping on this other website, and it was a Hunger Games based rp, but after everyone died in the original, we kept making AUs AUs where no one died, genderbends, modern AUs, etc. It was this whole expanded universe, even...
  7. Walliver

    Viewpoint Importance of “Self” in Character Creation - How similar are you to your character?

    I believe I’m similar to my character in many ways, they all have important pieces of my personality in them (ex: Killian carries my sense of lingering guilt and the trauma related to father figures). They’re an outlet for me to work out some of my toughest issues, a different lens to see the...
  8. Walliver

    Experiences Whats making you angry today? Rp pet peeves

    Taking this viewpoint into consideration, however, it’s not unreasonable to ask for a compromise- especially when rping, as I do this for both my entertainment and my rp partners’ enjoyment.
  9. Walliver

    Experiences Whats making you angry today? Rp pet peeves

    it’s not a serious request, I’m just annoyed. also, this is for what’s upsetting people as far as rping goes. Just for opinions, and serious discussion at times. I know there’s a fair bit of discourse about the age limits and stuff, and this is one small thing. I know I can’t tell people what to...
  10. Walliver

    Experiences Whats making you angry today? Rp pet peeves

    I am once again asking the community to either: 1. List your age requirement in your title Or 2. Put it as your very first rule It is the ABSOLUTE WORST for me to read through an interest check, get super hyped, only to be let down by the “btw you gotta be 18+” seriously, it’s so frustrating...
  11. Walliver

    Experiences  Unsatisfied

    Look, my roleplay partners are great. Super enthusiastic, super helpful, and I’m always loving the stuff they put out. Excellent writers, and the ones I haven’t gotten to writing with yet show amazing potential. And yet...I feel unsatisfied. I know why, and it’s because I have plots in mind that...
  12. Walliver

    Advice/Help Am I just a bad writer?

    I have something to say. This is a thread made by someone who is seeking help. They wanted to know if they were a bad writer (spoiler: they’re not). So how did we get into a conversation- an argument- about “true humility” and subjects that barely pertain to the original topic? I agree with...
  13. Walliver

    Viewpoint Zombie RP in a new light: Can rp be like a long-running TV show with most characters changing every episode or few? (like TWD, Black Summer, Z nation)

    Honestly, an episodic rp sounds sooooo good. You don’t even have to stay for long if you don’t want to (TV shows are always killing off main cast members) and there’s always someone new to interact with. Sounds perfect really
  14. Walliver

    Experiences A clarification

    I understand that mentality. That’s why I usually only write American or Hispanic people, or cisgender folks.
  15. Walliver

    Experiences A clarification

    As someone who has written two bigoted assholes (one being male and the other female), I’ve got a fair amount of experience on this topic. The “don’t be a bigot” is probably about OOC, but even then, you encounter problems. I’ve had heated arguments about race and the LGBTQ+ community, and no...
  16. Walliver

    Experiences Your first character (and do you still use them)

    Oh my gosh, I do remember my first character! Her original name was Ghost, but I’ve changed her in quite a few ways. I’ve updated her backstory many times, and now have a fully fleshed out character, a storyline that would probably destroy DC (the comics), and plenty of drama. I haven’t had the...
  17. Walliver

    Viewpoint How old is too old or too young to RP? Does it really matter?

    Honestly, age doesn’t matter to me in rps. You could be 500 years old, but as long as you can keep me interested in the rp, it’s alright. I know some people (not anyone on this website) think 12 year olds aren’t great writers, or that people younger than them aren’t as skilled, but that’s not...
  18. Walliver

    Other RP Idea Poll

    forgot to edit before y’all started voting: I decided to scrap the plain realistic idea 😅
  19. Walliver

    Other  RP Idea Poll

    Dystopian (zombie)- We’re Just a Bunch of Kids: No one asked to be in this situation. A world shattered by one doctor’s fatal mistake. The epicenter of an infection so rapid and raging, the patients died immediately. A normal day that ended in horror. Kids that had to grow up fast or die. High...
  20. Walliver

    Character Theory Do you have a "type" of character you're most drawn to?

    Since I struggle with non-medical social anxiety and overall being shy about what I like, shy characters are very helpful for me. I write characters that are loners and strangers to the people around them, so I can watch them slowly build up a friend group like I did.