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    Advice/Help  Where to start dice rping

    I've been wanting to start dice roleplaying or something similar for a long time but every time I look at the forums most of them seem like everyone is A) looking for experienced players or B) Talking about some obscure game that I've never heard of before which makes me a bit hesitant to join...
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    It was a normal day...

    Let's write a story/poem/epic together! Here are the rules: - Continue off the post previous to you - No length limit on posts - Give everyone a chance to add on - Keep it PG - Every post must contain one word rhyming with another word (you can rhyme more than one, though) I'll start! It was...
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    Multiple Settings  Looking for RP partner interested in multiple RPs

    Hi! My name is Nikki, but you can call me whatever you want. Tiny, TT, Tiger, I'm fine with most things. Currently, I'm entirely new to 1x1 roleplay, but I have done a number of group RPs both on this site and others. I'm not really looking or anyone specific, and I don't have many requirements...
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    Fandom  Clashing Dreams - Semi-Nuzlocke Pokemon RP

    It's been decades since pokemon trainers were allowed to run free, entirely unregulated. Now, of course, humanity doesn't have the luxury to let that happen. Pokemon populations have been falling for years. Pollution, deforestation, illegal pokemon poaching, many factors contributed to this. On...
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    Fantasy  Soaring IC

    Zephyr William (Will) Dove Wings - Location: Beach - Tags: None Will grinned broadly as he headed down the shoreline, a brown messenger bag over his shoulder. The bag contained everything they told him to bring. Probably. Will would be the first to point out that he wasn't the best at packing...
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    Fantasy  Soaring OOC

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    Fantasy  Soaring Character Thread

    Hey everyone! Welcome to the character thread! We all know what you're here for, so once you brush up on the guidelines, then feel free to chuck your CS up here. I would prefer to keep this roleplay to a small-ish group (preferably ten or under) but if more people than that apply, I might make...
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    Realistic or Modern  Soaring

    Humans are just that. Human. They build. They create. They expand. But only on land. Rarely do they venture past their save haven of ground, and when they do it is often just for a visit, or to travel to yet another landmass. Until planes were made, they never even made it any higher than they...
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    Realistic or Modern  Roommates

    Nikki Zetta (Nix) Female - 22 - Tags: None Nikki sighed with relief, glancing at her box-filled room. Finally done with bringing everything over! She didn’t bring many belongings, but, of the ones she did being, most were houseplants. Nix debated beginning the long process of unpacking as well...
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    Realistic or Modern  Roommates Prompt Suggestion

    Before we begin, a few simple guidelines. 1. No erotic prompts 2. Otherwise, have fun! Shipping is fine! Weird fish that eat people is fine! Waffles? Fine! Go wild!
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    Realistic or Modern  Roommates Character Thread

    Honestly, I’m pretty lax when it comes to character sheets. Just keep the characters within normal reality standards, and follow the guidelines and we’ll be fine. I’ll cut off the character submissions at about five or so (you can only have so many roommates) depending on how many I get, but...
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    Realistic or Modern  Roommates OOC

    Some basic info: This starts in a realistic/modern world (hence the genre), but no single genre would apply to all of the prompts that might get submitted, so I decided to just go with the starting genre for the forum to post it in. Anyhow, for those who might’ve missed it, the premise of this...
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    Realistic or Modern  Roommates

    Okay, so this is a pretty strange idea, so if you’re not into unconventional r roleplay methods, this probably isn’t gonna be the rp you want to join. So, I was looking at some writing prompts, and I though “man, if only there were a way to apply that to roleplaying”. And then I had a weird...
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    Fandom  My Hero Academia: Lost Heroes

    A black haired teen sat, leaning with his legs hanging out of the window to his room. He was dressed in a jet black hoodie, which showed evidence of dark stains. He wore a small surgical mask to cover his face. The once clean, white fabric was now covered in dirt, and a few small, red specks...
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    Fandom  BNHA - Lost Heroes OOC

    Any questions, comments, or concerns about the rp? BAM. This is the place.
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    Fandom  BNHA - Lost Heroes Characters

    This is the form, but feel free to add more info. Please get accepted before roleplaying. To get you accepted I’ll like your reply. Once we get 2-3 characters in each of the important roles (vigilante, police, pro) I’ll start the rp. Everyone can have up to three characters. Also, OOC link...
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    Fandom  My Hero Academia: Lost Heroes

    Hello! I’ve been wanting to do a Bnha vigilante rp for some time nowm so here we are! This would probably be pretty casual, though I would require at least one paragraph per post, but it shouldn’t require too much from the people included in the rp. The only thing is I’m not a hundred percent...
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    Answered  How to create poll?

    Hello. I have been recently thinking about starting a roleplay, but I want some feedback first. I don’t know exactly where I wanted the setting to be, so I was thinking about making a group interest check where people could vote for what they wanted the place it was set in to be. Unfortunately...
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    Pun War

    So, I’m make it so that we have themes, because it’ll make the puns just that much more punderful. Basically, there’s a new theme every whenever I feel like making another theme. So, have at it. Current Theme: Food
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    Other  Strange phrases

    Is it just me that’ll make random, strange names and phrases for things? If not, then what are some of your strange phrases? Some of my phrases: Instead of “something to spice up the plot” I say “plot pepper” Instead of “I didn’t sleep well” I say “I slept like a caffinated giraffe” “I regret...