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  1. Grimmoire

    Fandom  1x1 Fandom Search. OCs Only.

    In the midst of hunting for one or two long term RPs, I have some original plot ideas posted, I also have a couple of Fandom wants. My biggest note - I only do OC based plots. I do not like to really utilize Canon characters accept as background players, because I'd rather the story be about...
  2. Grimmoire

    Fantasy  Fantasy 1x1 RP - Looking for New Partners.

    Seeking one, maybe two literate RP partners for something long term. 1x1. Semi-Literate, Prefers Quality over Quanitity when posting, but quantity is also good! DM here on RPN and we can RP through DMs. No exceptions. I have 2 Plots I wouldn't kind expanding on--- The Jewels of the Djinns -...
  3. Grimmoire


  4. Grimmoire

    Dice  Draconum CS

    For character sheet links or details, whatever might be easier.
  5. Grimmoire

    The Empire Draconum

    The beginning of a sample of some DMing.
  6. Grimmoire

    Fantasy  1 x 1 D&D Search

    So, new thing. Kind of. I want to DM. Usually I'm all about a two person RP, interacting and creating the story as a team. Nah, this time I am actually in a DM mood. This is in 1 x 1 because I still want to do this with an audience of one, a single player, and create, hopefully, an awesome...
  7. Grimmoire

    Fantasy  1x1 Search - Just craving some RP

    Stress from work, a hectic, long schedule and general craving. has me craving for roleplay. I want find, at least, one solid partner, maybe 2, and try and enjoy some escapism via roleplay. What I'm looking for is... in part, fluff and romance. Not for it to be the central theme arou d which...
  8. Grimmoire

    Fantasy  To be Heroes

    I've finally decided to dip my toes back into doing group RPs. I have not done anything with groups for a long time, despite that being where I got my start RPing. The general idea here is high fantasy, where adventurers are getting their start on a journey together to further their own various...
  9. Grimmoire

    Fantasy  D&D Inspired, Dice RP - 1x1

    Hellooo all, once again. I am here with something I want to try my hand at, if anyone is willing to work with me on this as it is not a format I have tried in any sort of depth when it comes to 1x1's. This particular brand if idea might sound bettered suited to groups where it is most often...
  10. Grimmoire

    Fantasy  Wild West Fantasy 1x1

    Anyone interested in this Fantasy/Wild West mixed world Ihave cooked up. Take Red Dead Redemption, add some D&D and Magic and your usual fantasy races, and that's what we have. I have my various ideas. Humans, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves, Goblins. Things like firearms will be used, explosives, etc. I...
  11. Grimmoire

    Fandom  Monster Hunter RP - 1x1

    Been getting back into Monster Hunter World lately, and with the release of Rise, which is heading my way, ai have just been in that kind of mood. I love the setting for what it is - Just beating the ever-loving CRAP out if huge beasts with weapons that are just as frickin' huge! That's pretty...
  12. Grimmoire

    Fantasy  Original World 1x1 Search

    So, this particular idea has been rolling around in my head for sometime. It's one I want to build and I would love to find a partner to help me with that. I have ideas, notes, but I always find it a bit more rewarding to put the ideas into practice. This is a fantasy based idea, but! Can be...
  13. Grimmoire

    Futuristic  Master List for Cyberpunk/Future RPs

    Just gonna make one of these for everything, because I really don't have many RPs going and typically have a lot of time on my hands. I have had some want for Cyberpunk/Apocalypse style RPs for a while, and recently some ideas have made themselves clear. OCs Only, as always. DM with any...
  14. Grimmoire

    Fantasy  Master List of High Fantasy RPs

    In an effort to try and find more willing partners, I come with a few high fantasy themed ideas, since that's the mood I am back in and seems to be a good draw for some. Fair warning, these do involve a degree of romance, more as a side plot or plot device because it just adds an element of...
  15. Grimmoire

    Fandom  Soul Eater 1x1

    Big want for a Soul Eater RP. Love the series and its premise and it has been on my mind lately. I would personally love to put 2 or 4 OCs through their own adventure, separate from the events of Canon or perhaps it's a new generation after Maka and the others? They could be older, professional...
  16. Grimmoire

    Fandom  Multi-Fandom 1x1 Search

    Here are some fandom based ideas I would like to do - With OCs. Using Canon characters in any capacity just tends to not interest me. I've been thinking of anime/cartoons from... Man, a while ago. Early 2000s stuff, basically the golden years for me, growing up watching some great stuff. Or, at...
  17. Grimmoire

    Fantasy  1x1 Superhero Check

    In the mood for something different. I have been wanting to do something superhero related for a while, have a couple OCs in mind. and I'd like to find someone to give this a try with. Action, Saving the Day, maybe a bit of romance? I'm open to it, as well as dark themes. My OC is a male...
  18. Grimmoire

    Multiple Settings  1x1 Anime Style RP

    What does that mean? An Anime Style RP? I'm looking for something different from my usual. Basically, this is making... An anime. The plot. characters, the action, etc. The style, the look. I have a few possible ideas, cliches perhaps, but if it ain't broke as they say, why fix it? I do not do...
  19. Grimmoire

    Fantasy  D&D Inspired Stories

    My ideas may very go over better with a group, but I can't say that interests me. I like one on one, just feels so much simpler. I don't know if this will gain traction at all, but here goes. I'm looking to get back into high fantasy, D&D (5e) inspired stuff. From character races, classes...
  20. Grimmoire

    Multiple Settings  1x1 RP Search

    So, i come today bearing some ideas I'm willing to try. I'll note which character I would prefer to play, but l am flexible and can work with any MC and gender. All pairings are considered MxF, but are negotiable. OCs only. Pokemon --- Trainer x Trainer (Possibly Rival x Rival, depends) I...