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    Fantasy This Bounty of Mine

    Ken quickly grappled by his hair after falling and thrown to the ground as he rolls over he lets out a painful "arhhh" as the blade lodged in his leg continues to do more damage from the movement. "Money huh? Glad it's nothing personal." As he tries to get back up he quickly falls down...
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    Fantasy This Bounty of Mine

    Before he can even respond a sudden swing from her doesn't catch him off guard this time. Deflected by his blade he readies once again still somewhat hesitant. "Are you su... Arg!" As he is speaking a sudden strike with a knife to his leg causes him to swing his blade down and pierce the ground...
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    Fantasy This Bounty of Mine

    Ken continues to the outskirts of the town sword in hand, weary of any creature that might be lurking or awakening in the evening hours of the bitter night. A slight shivering sensation down his spine is not a sign of weakness but of reassurance he is on his toes. He stays zoned in on the task...
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    Fantasy This Bounty of Mine

    All though already a cold individual, he can't help but feel some remorse for her. He knows she won't be able to find any real help in this tiny town. He stops in his tracks, trying to work out the conflicting statements in his head. His head still on the lookout for any threat around him, but...
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    Fantasy This Bounty of Mine

    In a small barn lays a quiet individual, who works from town to town trying to make a little bit of coin. Not necessarily a man on a mission but, someone trying to get by. Little did he know that destiny had other plans for that day. "Ken. Ken! Wake up! Breakfast is almost ready and we have a...
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    Fantasy This Bounty of Mine [CS]

    Name: Ken Iaon Nickname: (To be determined from backstory lol) Age: 23 (Unknown to him) Gender: Male Appearance: He stands at 6', generally wheres a cloak covering is arms and most of his skin. To a perceptive individual, they might notice a scar on the right hand which appears to lead up to...
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    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hi, I'm James. I am 16 years old and have never exactly been into RP just I have always been into poetry though. I have been writing or typing I should say for about 5 years. Your very own Daisie told me about his so I figured the best way to start of learn about the RP community would be to hop...