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  1. JoUhWrites

    Multiple Settings Beneath the Stars' Gaze [IC]

    Adrien “Mom’s right, y’know, eat up and stop playing with your food,” Adrien drawled, voice heavily tinted with faux-parental notes. Despite his words, he himself was sitting poking at the bar, dragging it around on the plate with the hand not being used as a head-rest. Who the fuck had set out...
  2. JoUhWrites

    Realistic or Modern ɪ'ʟʟ ᴋᴇᴇᴘ ʏᴏᴜ ᴍʏ [𝒟𝐼𝑅𝒯𝒴 𝐿𝐼𝒯𝒯𝐿𝐸 𝒮𝐸𝒞𝑅𝐸𝒯] || CS THREAD

    Cassandra “Cassie” White rich kid Age: 19 Gender: Female Sexuality: Hetero? Face claim: Tashi Rodriguez Eye color: Brown Hair color: Dark brown/Black Height: 170 cm Body modifications: None that you know of Likes: Coke, Massages, Compliments, Nice clothes, Arabian horses Dislikes: Being...
  3. JoUhWrites

    Fantasy Beneath the Stars' Gaze [CS]

    ADRIEN - ARIES “What the fuck are you looking at?" —★ PUBLIC INFORMATION NAME: Adrien Fortis AGE: 28 GENDER: Male ZODIAC SIGN: Aries SEXUALITY: Fluid APPEARANCE MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES: The piercings and tattoos visible on Adrien’s face and arms extend to underneath his clothing. FACECLAIM...
  4. JoUhWrites

    Multiple Settings [OPEN] Beneath the Stars' Gaze (A Zodiac-Themed RP)

    Heya, interested in the problematic Scorpio👀
  5. JoUhWrites

    Fantasy Twilight of the Gods

    Asger The soft, warm arm pressed up against him was in an instance replaced by the vice-like embrace of freezing water. Sitting down had not been any help at all, not when something slammed into the side of the ship and forced it apart, throwing its passengers into the wild waves below. Asger...
  6. JoUhWrites

    Realistic or Modern Married at First Side - VIP

    John I’m pretty used to dealing with cameras by now. Ah, yes. John was reminded of who exactly Demetrius was - a fact John had tried to forget as much as possible - when he turned to face the video equipment with pearly whites glinting in the beaming sun. The brit, due to their half-hugging...
  7. JoUhWrites

    Fantasy Twilight of the Gods

    Asger “Hm?” Asger stretched lazily as he met the gaze of the doe-woman, the delicate skin of his lower stomach which was exposed in the process promptly prickling up into goosebumps as it met with the ship’s unnaturally cold air. He regarded the young woman with blossoming interest - which...
  8. JoUhWrites

    Realistic or Modern Married at First Side - VIP

    John John had never wanted for anything. His childhood was painted in the soft sounds of Christmas and hunting dogs, his adolescence with smells of boarding schools, champagne, and hidden cigarette smoke. His five years of college had been paid for by his family; when his peers complained...
  9. JoUhWrites

    Fantasy Skyworld: Age of Sail

    Mira Why? Why?! Everything had been going so well (in hindsight, probably too well); her fellow crew members had been as pliant as puppies, the dark-haired man Robert had spoken to had managed to get them to keep their weapons, and Steel’s fancy new friend with his fancy words made the...
  10. JoUhWrites

    Realistic or Modern MaFS - The VIPs

    John Wickham Age: (25-40) 32 Gender: Male Sexuality: Homosexual Place of origin: London, England Occupation: Sculptor-Ceramist Hobbies: Chess, Drawing, Art Sports: Tennis, Croquet The Interview Why did you decide to participate in MaFS? “My ex was actually the one who signed me up...
  11. JoUhWrites

    Fantasy Far Passage

    Cain "I’m assuming breakfast is out of the question, then.” Cain sighed wistfully whilst pressing one large hand against his own stomach, where the displeased growling of doom had started to give way to a pleading, hungry one. Cain’s still-foggy mind started to wander onto grilled sausages and...
  12. JoUhWrites

    Fantasy Far Passage

    “Ah, your compassion is truly unparalleled, comrades.” Whatever quip Cain had meant to follow the sentence died in his throat when the scruffy man in front of him noted that the Conjurer was scattered across the ground. Cain had not bothered to put on any shoes - the thought of bending over had...
  13. JoUhWrites

    Fantasy Far Passage

    Cain It was the heaviest night’s sleep he’d had in a long time. While most of the other Wayfarers had called it a week with the end of the celebrations, Cain continued on drinking for another night and had managed to toast the arrival of dawn before collapsing into bed. He’d thought he could...
  14. JoUhWrites

    Fantasy Far Passage Characters

    art by LoranDeSore, Deviantart Cain Steelneck Wayfarer Nickname: “Annoying Bastard” Age: 32 Gender: Male Race: Half-elven Height: 189cm, 6”2 Class: Fighter / Occasional Earth-slinger Affiliation: Wayfarer Guild, (Former) School of Evocation Summary: A reckless, charming half-elven...
  15. JoUhWrites

    Fantasy Far Passage (Sci-Fi colony on a fantasy world)

    Heya, is there room for one more?<3
  16. JoUhWrites

    Fantasy Skyworld: Age of Sail

    Almira "Mira" Fjederborn The bubble of pride and joy which had enveloped Mira burst uncomfortably fast, and did so with a bang. The bullet which had entered the tavern's ceiling left a hole from which dust and splintered wood rained down, coating their winning cards in a fine layer of sawdust...
  17. JoUhWrites

    Fantasy Twilight of the Gods

    Asger Asger reached out and touched the side of the ship before getting on, dragging gloved hand across its wood. His eyes fluttered close, hot breath forming a plume of white mist in the air in front of him. He’d never been close to Freya - not like his mother, who seemed to receive messages...
  18. JoUhWrites

    Realistic or Modern Married at First Sight - The Show

    John Wickham “Are you serious right now?!” John snapped at the woman who seconds ago had practically tried to devour her new wife. The sharp tone of voice was atypical for the usually gentle man, but it had been an atypical day - one which required a margarita, not some person trying to start a...
  19. JoUhWrites

    Fantasy Skyworld: Age of Sail

    Almira Fjederborn Sir Lewis’ teeth gnashed together, his already purple visage darkening with anger. By now he must have realized that the game he was so sure of winning had been a set-up, Gus now moving gracefully as a feline and Mira practicing deep-breathing with eyes twinkling with joy and...