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  1. care_less

    Realistic or Modern  Slice of Life (they're human now, but they're still idiots)

    Karma was not looking forward to school today. On most days, waking up early had meant a moment of peace. His mother was a nurse, so she had a rather early shift that would give him time to speak to her. It was nice every so often to only be with his mom. When it came to his personal life, he...
  2. care_less

    Fantasy  Unholy and Not-Quite Holy? (doesn't matter, they're still idiots)

    It was strange how poetic the verge of death seemed to Karamatt. He had read scriptures and stories about what it was like. How he would see a bright light engulf his world as the best memories of his life would crash into his mind. But so far, death did not feel like that. His world was still...