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  1. Israel

    Multiple Settings Poly RPers Post Here! (Always Open)

    @liostwolf Nice to meet you! I have a couple of plots involving either werewolves or an adventure. Unless you have something in mind.
  2. Israel

    Realistic or Modern Silent City - "Sitting on an Open Wound" (Still Accepting)

    Ooh, looks fun! Would be down for a bookish one and a creature.
  3. Israel

    Realistic or Modern  Strings of Fate (Life is Strange-Inspired, poly MxMxF RP)

    Hello All, I would be kidding if I didn't say that the newest Life is Strange game (no spoilerinos if you've played past the first section) didn't make me thrilled to start up an RP based on Life is Strange. I would really like it to be in a beautiful setting like Haven Springs (i.e. the...
  4. Israel

    Realistic or Modern 𝔬𝔥, 𝔥𝔬𝔴 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔪𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱𝔶 𝔥𝔞𝔳𝔢 𝔣𝔞𝔩𝔩𝔢𝔫

    Interested, but willing to bow out if all the roles are taken.
  5. Israel

    Multiple Settings Poly RPers Post Here! (Always Open)

    @Lexis_Graziano Unless someone shows interest, I think it will just be us.
  6. Israel

    Multiple Settings Poly RPers Post Here! (Always Open)

    @Lexis_Graziano Great! Were you thinking we should do with a third RPer or did you want to use both of your OCs?
  7. Israel

    Realistic or Modern We All Bleed Red... || Recruitment for long term || CLOSED

    I'm fine with either a discord or keeping it on the site.
  8. Israel

    Realistic or Modern Hopefield Paranormal Society

    This sounds cute. Definitely interested.
  9. Israel

    Fandom Star Wars: Jedi Rising - A Knights of the Old Republic RP

    If there is a revival, I'm definitely interested.
  10. Israel

    Fandom 30 Days of Night, Anyone?

    @VenomIvy001 Great, I'll send you a private message! For anyone else interested, please feel free to post here. I'm typically always interested in RPing 30DoN.
  11. Israel

    Fandom 30 Days of Night, Anyone?

    Bumping the thread.
  12. Israel

    Fandom Home Is Where The Hope Is-Fallout RP (Now closed)

    Love Fallout! Watching one of my favorite twitch streamers play a run on NV. For my character, I was thinking maybe a novice NCR agent. Green behind the ears, but still somewhat competent.
  13. Israel


  14. Israel

    Fandom  30 Days of Night, Anyone?

    Hello all, I really want to see if anyone also loved the series, or at least watched the movies, and wanted to do an RP. For those who have watched the movie(s) or read the comic, I know the movie (and the comic series, if you've read it) is rather gruesome, but I always had a kind of morbid...
  15. Israel

    Realistic or Modern  1x1x1 RP Plot

    Hello All, Looking to start up an old plot that I dug up from my time on Feralfront. Muse A and Muse B had been high school sweethearts and everyone had assumed they would be together forever. After graduating college and settling into adult life, the two are engaged much to the happiness of...
  16. Israel

    Fantasy Heroics to Villainy (Closed)

    Is there room for another villain?
  17. Israel

    Realistic or Modern Protector Of Two Worlds {RP Thread}

    Eri chuckled at her story, it definitely sounded cute to the yokai. "Heh, remind me later to tell you mine. I have loads of them." He gave the other male a quick wink and smirk. He kept quiet as they talked, not wanting to bother the two as they reminisced. However, it seems as though the young...
  18. Israel

    Realistic or Modern Protector Of Two Worlds {RP Thread}

    Eri gave a small nod as an acknowledgment to Tomiko. He then slowly made his way to behind the counter to make the drinks. It wouldn't take him long to make the drinks, as he was one of the only workers for the cafe. He really wanted to listen in on what they were saying, but felt it would be...
  19. Israel

    Realistic or Modern Protector Of Two Worlds {RP Thread}

    Eri tried to think of more words to boost the confidence of Takumi, but it seemed too late as a young woman approached the two. His eyes carefully analyzed the girl, almost critically. She's... cute. Perhaps more than just cute. He blinked a couple of times before forcing a smile. "I was adopted...