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  1. Steely

    One x One Aenia - Organizations

    NATIONS OF THE AENIAN WAR Unterstein: One of the world's superpowers, Unterstein is a nation of old origins and centuries of hardships, technology and sprawling metropolises. Originated in the northeastern-most region of the old continent of Likonia, it has roots in the oldest records of...
  2. Steely

    One x One Aenia

    Name: Dieter Falk Age: 20 Nationality: Unterstein Appearance: Personality: Dieter is a serene, if not stoic young man. Being raised in a family of veterans and soldiers molded him into a calm and mature individual from a young age, though he tended to deviate from the usual 'Falk...
  3. Steely

    Fantasy вrooĸғιeld acadeмy oғ yoυng тнιnĸerѕ

    "To me, it doesn't matter if you're the best of the best: There's always room for improvement." Name: Heinrich Beltz Nickname: Bush-head, Henry Age: 17 Gender: Male Sexuality: Straight Grade: 11th Clique: Nerd/Wallflower Twitter Nickname: @SpeehsDoge Personality...