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  1. SSJ4 Gogeta

    Fantasy  World of Thieves, a fantasy RP sign up

    (Welcome to my RP sign up, this RP is about thieves in a fantasy world, their are a few races you can choose) Human Elf Goblin Undead (Each race has its own kingdom where it comes from) Karler: Humans Woodro: Elves Dirlin: Goblins Cryptis: Undead (Your OC can be whatever you want but i...
  2. SSJ4 Gogeta

    Fantasy  Supernatural RP sign up (Traditional Lore)

    (Hello and welcome to my RP sign up, this RP is about supernatural lore in terms of creature, beings, and entities from traditional paranormal stories... Here are a few rules) 1. No Demons: Demons are paranormal but are used constantly by many RPers, not that i hate demon RPers, it's just that...
  3. SSJ4 Gogeta

    Realistic or Modern  Slasher Villains, a horror movie character RP sign up

    (Hello and welcome to my RP, where horror movie villains get to meet each other in a interesting way, and those who are innocent must survive this horror)
  4. SSJ4 Gogeta

    Fantasy  Killer Instinct RP sign up

    (Hello, i don't think most of you younger RPers would know this fighting game, it's called Killer Instinct, a game made by Rare which came out in the 90s on the SNES, i remember playing this game when i was younger and i love it... They made a new one on the xbox in 2013, but i want to make a RP...
  5. SSJ4 Gogeta

    Fantasy  Vampiric War, a vampire RP

    *As the night grows ever darker, 8 vampires roam the night of a small kingdom, looking for people to feast on... One of them walks around, his hair is blonde and his eyes are blue, people walk around the streets unaware of the vampires presence* Alex:"A calm night to feed" *The vampire looks...
  6. SSJ4 Gogeta

    Fantasy  Fighters of the Universe sign up

    (Hello and welcome to my RP sign up, this is where your OC is from a universe and they have to fight others from enemy universes in order to stay alive, each OC can only have 4 special attack or ability, nothing too OP... If you have questions then please ask me)
  7. SSJ4 Gogeta

    Realistic or Modern  The magic of theater, a High School Theater RP sign up

    (Hello and welcome to my RP, this is my first time doing a slice of life RP so let me give the basics, your OC is welcome as long as it is mostly normal since this is a more realistic RP, your OCs personality is up to you, get as crazy as you want, type as much as you want in your response i...
  8. SSJ4 Gogeta

    Fantasy  The creators RP sign up

    (Hello welcome to my RP sign up, in this RP certain people can create different lifeforms and creatures, please choose a element and your OCs name)
  9. SSJ4 Gogeta

    Futuristic  The Dark Side...Darth Maul and his apprentice

    *A long time ago, a Jedi named Obi Wan Kenobi supposedly killed the Sith known as Darth Maul, only for him to come back during the Clone Wars, 2 years after Order 66, Darth Maul travels alone, wearing his cloak with his hood over his head*
  10. SSJ4 Gogeta

    Futuristic  Star Wars Sith RP sign up

    (Hello, this is for a Star Wars Sith RP sign up, you can be any sith from the canon Star Wars universe. But here are a few rules) No godmodding: The Dark Side is extremely powerful, but you cannot god mod your way out of everything. EX: Instant kill or No damage. Godmodding ruins the RP for...
  11. SSJ4 Gogeta

    Futuristic  IG-12

    *A droid stands alone as he collects his pay for his bounty*
  12. SSJ4 Gogeta

    Futuristic  Fusion

    SSJ4 Goku and SSJ4 Vegeta:"Fu...Sion...Ha"
  13. SSJ4 Gogeta

    Futuristic  Future

    *Future Gohan looks around*