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  1. Azymondias

    Fandom  Lostclan

    Made a fanclan if anyones interested check it out here!
  2. Azymondias

    Fandom  If I don't return with my shield (Marvel Interest Check!) I'll be coming home upon it

    So anyone remember back in like 2008 the animated Next Avengers movie? I want to RP something like that; I do have one thread of it but its a really good plot i dont mind having multiple threads XD So basically the movie is based off a what-if comic. What if Ultron returned using Stark Tech to...
  3. Azymondias

    Fandom  Pushing forward but (private for me and Anna) we don't forget the past

    Lukaspasta made this Goal:Ultrons demise Age16 ParentsClint and Natasha Lukas!▼ So here we are; do you wanna make a character sheet? I got one for Lukas here:
  4. Azymondias

    Multiple Settings  Looking for RP partners (Now with premade plots!)

    More will be added as I think of them. [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] Hey there nice to meet you! Don't worry I don't bite, hard. Anyway, I'm looking for people to RP with because its getting boring just sitting around stalking the site XD Now you...
  5. Azymondias

    Fandom  Closed

    I have no idea how to delete threads
  6. Azymondias

    Fandom  Lets try this again (RP search)

    About me! : I am 23 almost 24 years of age. I work alot; but I always share my schedule with my rp partner, usually my shifts range in the 1230-12am range, so sometimes I could work like 1230 to 9p sometimes its 4p to 12a stuff like that. I also have a lot of plots/fandoms so if something on the...
  7. Azymondias

    Story  Fanfic ideas feedback? (Percy Jackson)

    Im trying to get feedback from as many sources as i can before i continue writing my fanfic. So we know the titans had kids; Atlas had Zoe; Helios had Phaëton, Kronos even had a few kids. Well my story is a few years after the events of PJO. The main characters are gone; not dead but like just...
  8. Azymondias

    Fandom  LF: PJO Partner

    So Im currently writing a PJO fanfic and would love to do an RP on the idea help get the muse flowing you know? Anyway I prefer discord but can do forum if you don't want to do discord.
  9. Azymondias

    Fandom  Looking for RPs

    Looking for RPs. Can do: Animals: Cats (Warriors) Dogs Dragons (I have a plot for this) Horses Shows/Movies: ATLA/LoK Pokemon ROTG Slugterra MLP And more if you ask. I prefer discord but can do a thread here if needed.
  10. Azymondias

    Fantasy  Power Rangers

    Ten thousand and twenty four years ago, the first ranger and villain clashed on the planet Earth, Zordon an Eltarian battled Rita Ripulsa for the planet. In the end Zordon being trapped in a time warp, and Rita being trapped in a "dumpster" on Earths Moon. Ten thousand years later, Rita escaped...
  11. Azymondias

    Fandom  Privato for Silencio

    I tried to rhyme :D Alright make your form first, that way you can pick the birth nation and have pick of the bending!
  12. Azymondias

    Fandom  We're lost in the woods....(1x1 search)

    Hey there! Let's try this again! Names Roxas. And I have loads of plots! Power rangers, Pokemon, Atla, DBH, Warriors, Marvel, and more! I have SO much muse and no where to put it :( so I'm looking to rp!
  13. Azymondias

    Fandom  Probably 0 chance but....

    I made a Power Rangers Universe from scratch. The powers, the lore, everything back in 2011-12 would anyobe be interested in RPing Power Rangers?
  14. Azymondias

    Fandom  Plot with Roxas!

    New to the site so hiya! Copying this from another site I rp on. I work as of rn 2p-11p CST each day so expect my replies to happen most mornings. I might be able to squeeze a reply out here and there though so please just ping me if its been a day or two since replying! I am semi-advanced my...