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  1. UtraViolet

    Multiple Settings  I CHIME IN

    Hey, I'm Alaska. I am female and i would like a RP partner. it doesn't matter what the RP is i would just like to RP. warnings: 1. I mostly play female, but i can still play male but i'm crappy at it. 2. I may leave in the middle of the RP because i have swim practice almost everyday 3. I...
  2. UtraViolet

    Fandom  I CHIME IN

    hello, My name is Alaska. I am 13 so that's a warning for no 18+ (please no, don't ruin my innocent mind, yet...) things about me you should know: sometimes i may not answer back till later, and I'm sorry about that, but I have a reason; I'm a swimmer and i practice 5 times a week. I like...