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  1. halfdreamer

    any people here from the original warrior cats forums?

    I’m not really into warriors anymore but I used to be really active on the forums in like 2011-2013ish. my user was Pepperfoot, I was a leader of Skyclan- at the time it was one of the bigger clans on the site so i’m curious if there are any people who were active around that time. don’t think...
  2. halfdreamer

    Other Obscure fandoms you'd like to RP

    I really want to do a blackpink rp, PLEASE hit me up if anyone wants to do it!! also there are barely any bts roleplayers on here :(
  3. halfdreamer

    Fandom looking for a long term rp partner

    any interest in doing suga/jhope? either a similar plot to their real lives or slice of life. semi-lit to literate :) let me know if you’re interested!