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  1. Petergriffin

    Fandom 1x1 RP Request! : Demon Slayer, Genshin Impact, BNHA, and others!!

    Hey there I've just finished demon slayer anime and the movie and I'm dying to an rp based on that . So you interested?
  2. Petergriffin

    Fandom In dire need of fandom Romance

    Well I'm interested in both of the marvel plots and the stranger things one.
  3. Petergriffin

    Fandom FANDOM - { ♛ } - SEARCH . M // One x One

    Omg there's a lot of pairings that I am interested in doing rp with you . Just gimme your fav ones and we can do that.
  4. Petergriffin

    Fandom Looking for writing partners! (open)

    I am really interested in plotting for oc x marvel
  5. Petergriffin

    Multiple Settings Original, long-term, literate, hot and ready to be served

    Hi. I'm interested in doing the shopkeeper ro with you.
  6. Petergriffin

    Realistic or Modern Slice of life

    So if you've read this please do reply even if you don't want to continue with me it's okay you can tell me . We can change everything in my para just consider it as a sample 😅
  7. Petergriffin

    Realistic or Modern Slice of life

    I'm gonna write a para and if you're interested in rping with me just reply to my pm William was on his way to the bar just like every other sundays . Unlike other days he was sadder than usual .William was actually feeling homesick because he was living in that country for almost 3 years and...
  8. Petergriffin

    Fandom In dire need of fandom Romance

    Hiya(^_^) I'm 19 years old and I'm interested in roleplaying with you I have decent english writing skills The only problem is that I'm kinda new to this roleplaying thing . But I am super interested and is really looking forward for doing this . Based on the details that you've given I'm...