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  1. Gemini Eclipse

    Multiple Settings  Fandom Searching and More!!!

    Hello, I'm Gemini Eclipse. I'm in search of some different fandoms with different people, and possibly long term Rps too. Depending on what my partners and I can come up with together! So, let me first start off by saying a bit about myself. 1:Call me whatever, use whatever pronouns you'd...
  2. Gemini Eclipse

    Fandom  BNHA/MHA RP Search

    Hello, I'm in search of an BNHA/MHA Rp partner and hope I can find some people who would be interested. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Gemini Eclipse. I am in search of 18+ Rps. I am fully caught up on the anime and manga of BNHA and promise not to spoil anything for anyone. I am...